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How To Get Rid of Neck Pain

How To Get Rid of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a serious cause of not being able to move your head and fulfil your daily activities. But the good news is that you can get neck pain relief by following your doctor’s advice, going for therapies, and practising home remedies. 

To understand how to deal with neck pain, you should first know what is causing this neck pain. If the cause is unknown, then you won’t be able to get rid of the pain permanently. 

Let’s look at the possible causes of neck pain first and then we’ll talk about 6 proven ways how to get rid of neck pain.

Neck ache – Causes 

The neck is made of vertebrae that are cushioned with discs in between. The neck bones, muscles, and tendons hold the head straight and you move your skull freely. 

But you might experience pain in the neck that makes it difficult to love your head. Neck pain can be caused due to various reasons such as: 

  • Injury caused due to a fall
  • Stiff neck muscles
  • Joint problems 
  • Ageing of bones 
  • Illnesses like meningitis 
  • Heart attack 

If you’re feeling neck aches with other symptoms as well then it’s best to consult a doctor immediately. Once the cause is known, your doctor will prescribe medicines and therapies, depending upon the intensity of the pain. 

Sleeping position is another notable factor that can lead to neck pain. An uncomfortable sleeping position along with a “bad” pillow can lead to neck pain in the morning.  


Neck Pain Treatment Options 

How to get rid of neck pain at home? 

You can try these home remedies on how to get rid of shoulder and neck pain fast at home, after consulting with your doctor. 

Hot and cold treatment 

Using cold and hot packs alternatively can really help neck pain. Use a cold pack wrapped in a towel and apply it to the neck for a maximum of 20 minutes. The cold pack helps numb the area and also relieves pain and neck inflammation. 

With a cold pack, use a hot pack alternatively. You can use hot packs that are available in the pharmacies. Just microwave the pack for a minute and apply it to the neck. The hot pack is a great way to get rid of a stiff neck and relieve neck pain.

Practice this 2 to 3 times a day.  


Low-impact exercises that help relieve stiff neck muscles can thrive in reducing neck pain. But you shouldn’t practice exercises without the consent of your doctor. Certain neck pains elevate due to exercise. 

Consult a physical therapist to get the right set of neck exercises for your neck pain and practice those exercises as advised. 

Lots of rest 

Last but not the least, take lots of rest. Don’t try to move your neck if it hurts. Let your body heal. Practice only those exercises that your doctor has suggested.

Rest, a good diet, and sticking to your doctor’s advice is the key to recovery. 

How to deal with neck pain from sleeping wrong

The sleeping position plays an important role in soothing your neck pain. The correct sleeping position would be on your back or your side. Don’t sleep on your stomach as it can add stress to your neck and cause it to ache. 

Sleeping on your back or side releases stress and helps you get better.

You can try heat or cold therapy to relieve neck pain from sleeping; follow the steps mentioned earlier.

A stiff neck from sleeping wrong can also improve by doing neck stretches as mentioned earlier. The neck pain should subside within a few days until you notice complete relief within a week.

Best medicines for neck pain relief 

If you’re not feeling well after following the home remedies, it’s time to visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. 

Getting a diagnosis will lead to the right neck pain treatment for your situation. Your doctor will carry out various imaging tests to know the cause of your neck pain. 

After the diagnosis is made, the doctor will prescribe certain painkillers for your neck pain. A few over-the-counter medicines include ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others), naproxen sodium (Aleve) and acetaminophen (Tylenol, others).

Alongside your treatment, you can try alternative neck pain remedies to get rid of chronic neck pain. 

Alternative treatment options 

Chiropractic technique 

Different chiropractic techniques can help provide neck pain relief. But for that, you just visit a very experienced chiropractor who has a supportive team as well. You will be evaluated to find whether your neck pain can be treated through chiropractic care. Some of the techniques that can help with your neck pain are: 

  • Cervical mobilization 
  • Cervical drop 
  • Cervical manual traction 

A chiropractor might combine these techniques to drive your neck pain. You will be guided throughout and it will need more than one session to see the desired outcome.

Massage therapy 

Massage is a great way to give relief to tensed and stiff neck muscles. You should consult a professional who will massage your neck in a way that relieves pain. It’s advised to first ask your doctor as massage can also elevate the pain. 

Laser pain therapy 

Relatively modern and highly-effective therapy is low-level laser therapy (LLLT). This involves a low-intensity laser beam that penetrates the skin and stimulates natural pain-relieving mechanisms in the body. 

So, you’ll be able to get instant neck relief, as well as relief from chronic neck pain (following multiple sessions), all without any medicines.

Visit BioFlex Pakistan to treat chronic neck pain with laser pain therapy. We’re a modern pain management clinic in major cities of Pakistan. With advanced technology and highly-specialized doctors, we have treated many patients suffering from neck pain. 

The safe laser technology that we use to treat various neuromusculoskeletal pains are: 

  • Completely non-invasive 
  • Pain-free 
  • Reported to have zero side effects 
  • Proven to be effective. It starts to show its positive effects after a few sessions, depending upon the nature and intensity of your pain. 
  • A procedure that involves no medications 

Click to know more about our neck pain treatment at BioFlex Pakistan, or book your appointment to get well soon! 


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