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Incision Treatment

If you are actively searching for an incision treatment, we offer a high-quality procedure utilizing our cutting-edge laser therapy that will help treat your incised wound.

BioFlex Laser therapy helps you to effectively regenerate your skin with high-quality healing and optimum growth. By going through our laser therapy, you will experience a decrease in wound infection after surgery, it will enhance the closure of your incised wound, and help you with surgical wound healing from inside out.

BioFlex Pakistan has a range of highly experienced orthopedic doctors at each of our clinics in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar & Multan.

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Surgical Incision – Overview

Surgical wounds are common incision wounds and are typically made through a scalpel during many surgical procedures and have a large variety of sizes depending on the procedure requirements. They are mainly closed with the help of the sutures or in some cases they are left open to the environment, in that case, they heal themselves. Wound infection after surgery may occur: with statistics showing a 1-3% chance of surgical wound infection, in which case wound care is of importance to prevent infection and speed up healing.

Incised wounds are inflicted by sharp, clean objects typically made of metal or glass, such as a knife, a razor, or a glass shard. These may occur through accidental injury or a controlled surgical procedure, either way, these wounds are typically slow to heal.

Classification of a surgical incision

Surgical wounds are distributed into 4 main types depending upon the cleanness, contamination, and location of the wound on the body. All the classes are briefly explained ahead:

First Class

These are cleaned and clear types of surgical wounds. They do not possess any inflammation or infection and do not require incision care. They usually involve the wounds of the eye and vascular system etc.

Class Two

These range from clean to contaminated wounds. In some cases, the surgical wound might not indicate any infectious sign. They usually involve wounds that are at high risk of developing into an infection.

Class Three

A surgical wound that comes in contact with some foreign object is usually suspected to be inflammation and is then known as a contaminated surgical wound.

Class Four

A class four surgical wound refers to the most contaminated types of wounds. These wounds develop into immense inflammation or infection.

    Why do some surgical wounds heal slower?

    Incised wounds are usually caused by trauma through a sharp-edged object. These may be accidental or purposeful (surgery), but some risk factors turn a common incised wound into an inflamed one.

    These are:

    • Diabetes
    • Weak immune system
    • Smokers
    • Overweight
    • Abdominal surgeries

    Symptoms your surgical wound isn’t healing properly

    Signs and symptoms of infected incision wounds are as follows:

    • Increased pain
    • Reddish skin around the wound
    • Pus drainage from the wound
    • Foul smell
    • Draining fluid from the wound
    • Fever
    • Headache
    • Shivering

    Surgical wound care

    It’s vital to take care of your wound to help your body heal properly. Clean it properly and cover it with bandages for as many days as your doctor has advised. Change the bandage every day with a clean one to avoid fungal infections. Watch your wound closely for bleeding, puss, and swelling. Also, if you experience fever with no apparent reason then it’s a cause of concern.

    You can accelerate the healing process by using over-the-counter ointments and a healthy diet. An advanced and non-invasive incision treatment is cold laser therapy, which is discussed right below.

    Effective incision treatment with BioFlex Pakistan

    Laser therapy decreases the probability of contracting an infection after surgery. It also promotes the healing of your incision, allowing it to heal at a faster rate than it would have otherwise.

    Laser therapy has been shown to increase the cellular metabolism of the patient, which promotes the healing process of the targeted area. Laser therapy has also been shown to interact with the nerves of the targeted site in a that reduces pain experienced. This interaction also releases endorphins which reduces the painful sensations at the site. These interactions have a combined effect that results in pain relief starting from minutes after the first treatment to long-term pain relief.

    Our technology is equipped with providing pain relief and healing for many complex medical disorders. The treatments are non-invasive, the procedure is painless and you do not experience any side effects.

    To begin the BioFlex Laser therapy process for incision treatment, book a consultation with our orthopedic doctors at one of our centers. Simply input your information below and we will call you back within the next day to book your consultation so you can start reaping the benefits that BioFlex Pakistan has to offer!

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