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Spondylosis Treatment

If spine problems are hindering your capabilities and you can’t perform daily life activities then it’s time to solve your spine problems with an advanced laser spondylosis treatment. This laser pain therapy helps in healing, encourages regrowth of cells and tissues, and reduces pain and inflammation significantly. It’s important to choose a clinic that has specialized doctors for laser pain therapy.

At BioFlex Pakistan, our expert doctors treat you through low-level laser beams to eliminate pain and solve your spine problems without medicines. So you will save yourself from side effects of strong painkillers and corticosteroids as well. Our clinics in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Multan are equipped with advanced laser technology with well-trained doctors and staff. We ensure that you understand laser pain therapy and follow the procedure to get the best results.

Before talking about the treatment options of spondylosis, let’s understand all about spondylosis so that you can make the right decision.

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What’s Spondylosis?

Spondylosis is the degeneration of vertebrae, spinal discs, and joints, due to aging. This degeneration can occur due to various conditions such as degenerative disc diseases and osteoarthritis. So spondylosis is simply the set of spinal problems that occur with age. As you age, the discs between the vertebrae become stiff and they can break. As a result, vertebral bones also start wearing down, causing bone spurs.

Spondylosis refers to the spine problems as a whole. But lumbar spondylosis is most common as the lumbar region has the tendency to move in many directions and so is susceptible to tension, causing the joints and bones to wear down with age.

As spondylosis is a degenerative disease, so it usually worsens over time. That said, if you start taking precautions as early as possible then you can stop the degeneration or even improve your condition. So it’s very important to have proper diagnosis for the best spondylosis treatment for you.

Risk factors of Spondylosis

Spondylosis is the result of daily wear and tear of the spinal bones, joints, and discs. But not everybody gets spondylosis with age. There are a few risk factors that you must consider and take precautions to avoid spondylosis in future.


People who have parents or siblings with spondylosis are prone to the disease in future.

Physical activity involving spine

Spondylosis can occur if you have a job that requires lifting weight involving spine.


Excessive body weight puts more pressure on the spine and that can result in spondylosis.

Sedentary lifestyle

Not doing any activity causes bones and joints to wear and tear with time.

Psoriatic arthritis

It’s a degenerative disease of joints that causes them to swell and pain. Psoriatic arthritis can cause spondylosis over time.

Mental illness

Accelerated aging and poor health outcomes are a result of depression and anxiety that can lead to spondylosis.

    Spondylosis causes

    Spondylosis is basically caused due to aging. The causes of spondylosis are:

    • Aging
    • Injury that has affected the spine
    • Unstable spine
    • Degeneration of vertebral bones
    • Wear and tear of spinal joints
    • Breakdown of spinal discs

    Spondylosis symptoms

    The symptoms of spondylosis are similar to arthritis and other bone and joints degenerative illnesses. The symptoms are experienced on the specific part of the spine; cervical spondylosis symptoms and lumbar spondylosis symptoms will affect their own respective regions of the spine and you may only feel symptoms in a particular point in the spine.

    • Pain
    • Stiffness

    Severe symptoms are:

    • Numbness
    • Headaches
    • Grinding feeling when moving the spine
    • Incontinence - lack of control on bowel and bladder movements
    • Loss of balance
    • Poor coordination

    Preventive Measures

    Before looking into the treatment, have a look at the preventive measures to keep your back strong and healthy:

    Perform low-impact exercises that don’t strain much over the back muscles. The performance of exercises enhances the endurance and strength of the back with overall better functioning. The abdominal and back muscles strengthen the core with improved muscle functioning. These muscles help in the alignment of the back and relieve the symptoms of the back pain. Try maintaining your weight to prevent back pain.

    Avoid any awkward postures, stand, sit and walk smartly. Different diagnostic tests will help in identifying the back pain which includes X-ray, MRI, CT scan, bone scan, blood tests, EMG test for measuring nerve impulses and many more.

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    Spinal Spondylosis Treatment

    Once spondylosis is diagnosed, you have many treatment options, depending upon the severity of the condition. Try home remedies first. You can try cold packs and hot packs alternatively to relieve pain, swelling, and help ease your movement. Apply cold pack for around 20 minutes and after a few hours apply hot pack for another 20 minutes. Along with this, you can practice mild exercises, after asking your physical therapist.

    If your condition isn’t getting better with home remedies and physical therapy, you will be prescribed muscle relaxants and NSAIDs (Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) along with corticosteroids. The medicines depend on your pain and overall condition. If you have severe cervical or lumbar spondylosis when the spinal cord has been compressed, you might have to go for surgery to fix the problem.

    Spondylosis Treatment by BioFlex Pakistan

    Another advanced spondylosis treatment option that is both safe and effective is laser pain therapy. Low-level laser beam is targeted on the affected area by an expert doctor. The laser beam helps in reducing pain and inflammation, significantly.

    At BioFlex, advanced laser technology is used to treat various musculoskeletal conditions including spondylosis. The experts at BioFlex will guide through the treatment. Usually, more than one session is required to completely get rid of pain. If laser pain therapy is combined with physical therapy (after consulting your doctor), you can get better quickly.

    With laser pain therapy, now you can avoid surgical procedures and medicines that have side effects in the long run. Make an appointment today for spondylosis treatment or contact if you have any questions.

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