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BioFlex Laser Therapy Reviews

Success Stories – Bioflex, Pakistan

BioFlex – Laser Therapy Reviews

BioFlex is an unprivileged innovator in advanced pain management. While leveraging the definitive healing power of low-light laser therapy, it causes pain relief from a plethora of common ailments you might be suffering from. Watch BioFlex laser therapy reviews from the success stories of our patients in Pakistan. For more videos of our laser therapy reviews and information about the treatments from our doctors themselves: click here to visit BioFlex Pakistan’s youtube channel.

Knee Pain Treatment

Our claim towards providing immediate and effective pain relief is backed by many like Mr. Mohammad Sharif who were suffering through immense pain and witnessed the miracle of Bioflex

Back pain – Pain relief

Mr. Mohammad Tauseef Qureshi from Islamabad had been experiencing back pain for the past one month, it started off as a discomforting pain that went away after a day or two until recently when he lifted something heavy which triggered his back pain again.

Achilles Tendinitis

Mr. Mumtaz Ahmed had a history of Achilles tendinitis and was experiencing immense foot pain for the past one year, upon consultation from various doctors, he was recommended surgery which he did not deem fit since he was diabetic as well.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

A year ago, Mr. Mohammad Saeed Anjum was involved in a bike accident and was diagnosed with Frozen shoulder

Knee Injury Treatment

Mr Abdullah atif was involved in a sports injury while playing football which led to a meniscus tear, following surgery half of his meniscus was removed but that did not provide him any pain relief and added to his discomfort.

Arm Pain Successful Treatment

Meet Mr. Michael, who recently visited BioFlex Pakistan & had an amazing recovery journey as he was treated for severe arm pain.

Burn Ulcers Treatment

Dr. Sania who was not satisfied even after treating her burnt hands and undergoing several surgeries. He was advised by his friend to be treated with Bioflex. In this video you can see how their hands have improved significantly in just 9 sessions.

Treatment of Lumbar Disk Bulge

Zahida Arshad was suffering from pain in the joints and He underwent various treatments but his pain did not overcome. He started treatment with Dr. Momina at DHA Clinic.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Javed Butt has been suffering from plantar fasciitis since 2015 in his right foot. He got himself checked in a few hospitals. He was treated with electric therapy and was recommended a few painkillers.