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Bed Sores Treatment

If you experience symptoms of bed sores or an ulcer and are actively searching for a bed sores treatment, we offer a high quality procedure utilising our cutting-edge laser therapy that will help provide you with a skin damage treatment!

BioFlex Laser therapy helps you to effectively regenerate your skin with high quality healing and optimum growth. Using laser therapy, we help to show significant reduction in your pressure ulcer with an improved healing rate, allowing your ulcer to show signs of healing following our treatments.

BioFlex Pakistan has a range of highly experienced orthopedic doctors at each of our clinics in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar & Multan.

Read below to find out more about bed sores, what causes it and how we treat it.

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What are Bed Sores?

A bed sore is a term used to define damaged or injured skin. They are usually caused by poor blood circulation, mainly by uninterrupted pressure that minimizes blood and oxygen flow to the thin skinned areas of the body and cause skin damage. Hence they are also termed pressure ulcers/sores. Bed Sores can develop when blood circulation is cut off to a certain region of the body for more than two-three hours.

Initially the bed sores are red and painful but with the passage of time they begin to turn purple. If left untreated, the bed sore can lead to an open wound and immense infection. It can descend deep in the skin and approach muscles and bones. Bed sores can take days, months or years to heal depending upon the level of its severity.

People sitting or lying down in a bed for prolonged periods of time are at high risk of developing pressure ulcers and hence can be a very serious problem among diabetic, overweight and elderly individuals who are bed ridden or are required to sit in a wheelchair. Due to this, pressure ulcers are common on the buttocks and the back.

Bed Sore Grading and Stages:

Bed sores can be graded under four levels:

  • Grade I – Skin discolouration
  • Grade II – Skin loss/damage
  • Grade III – Death of skin (top skin layers)
  • Grade IV – Death of skin and structures beneath (muscle, bone etc).

Bed sore stages can explore their progression in more detail:

First Stage Bedsore

It is the initial form of the bed sore and is easily treatable. In the first stage, the skin is not broken but it just turns reddish and is warm to touch. It becomes painful with the passage of time if left untreated. And eventually develops into stage 2.

Second Stage Bedsore

Second stage of bedsore is an open wound. The dermis is exposed to the environment and the outermost layer of the skin is gradually sloughed. At this level, the wound is shallow and requires immense care.

Third Stage Bedsores

In the third stage the wound descends deep in the skin and approaches tissues. This stage is only reached when the patient has left the wound untreated for a prolonged time. The skin might be completely gone at this stage, leaving the fat layer vulnerable. 

Fourth Stage Bedsores

The fourth stage is the most severe type and these bed sores can be fatal. Tissues begin to die and infection reaches muscles, bone etc.

    Bed Sore Causes

    Bed sores are a result of pressure against the skin for a prolonged period of time. A stationary body part such as the buttocks in a chair or back on a bed can result in bed sores.

    Few more causes of the sores are listed ahead:


    • Excess Pressure
    • Friction
    • Shear stress
    • Weight loss
    • Poor medical conditions
    • Previous pressure ulcer
    • Immobility
    • Dehydration
    • Moist skin
    • Diabetes

    Symptoms of the Bedsoress

    Most people with poor medical conditions that are prescribed to lie in the bed or on the wheelchair for tedious time are at high risk of developing bedsores.

    • Swelling on the sore
    • Unexpected changes in texture and color of the skin
    • Pus draining from the wound
    • Tender areas
    • Cooler sensations on the skin
    • Warm feeling with touch

    Bed Sores Treatment

    On the earlier stages of the pressure ulcer, the first action for bed sore treatment and prevention would be to remove the pressure from the affected area in order to supply it with blood flow, this is how to prevent bed sores on back and other areas such as your buttocks. For more serious pressure sores, treatments such as dressings, creams and antibiotics might be advised by doctors. Severe bed sores may require surgery.

     Laser therapy provides management of bed sores in a non-surgical, no medication, free from side effects method to improve healing of more severe bed sores that are not showing signs of healing.

     Laser therapy has been widely researched and has been shown to achieve positive results in literature. Pressure ulcers showed to have improved healing rate and had a significant reduction in severity of the pressure ulcer following laser treatments.

    Laser therapy has been shown to increase cellular metabolism of the patient, which promotes the healing process of the targeted area. Laser therapy has also been shown to interact with the nerves of the targeted site in a way which reduces pain experienced. This interaction also releases endorphins which reduces the painful sensations at the site. These interactions have a combined effect that result in pain relief starting from minutes after the treatment to long-term pain relief.

    For treatment for bed sores on buttocks, back, face, heels etc, we at BioFlex are able to treat a variety of pressure ulcers. We can provide bed sores treatment for diabetics, overweight individuals and elderly, including everyone else. Our technology is equipped with providing pain relief and healing for many complex medical disorders. The treatments are non-invasive, the procedure is painless and you do not experience any side effects.

    Our BioFlex team consists of experienced orthopedic doctors who offer their outstanding services in various cities of Pakistan. Our clinics are located in cities near you; Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar & Multan. To begin the BioFlex Laser therapy process for bed sores treatment, book a consultation with our orthopedic doctors at one of our centres. Simply input your information below and we will call you back within the next day to book your consultation so you can start reaping the benefits that BioFlex has to offer!

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