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Neck Pain Treatment

If you are suffering from neck pain and are actively searching for neck pain treatment, we offer high quality pain management utilizing our advanced laser therapy. 

We at BioFlex help reduce pain from your specific neck pain condition from the moment you leave our clinic. Our treatments reduce associated pains in the short-term, from minutes after the treatment begins, to the long-term.

BioFlex Pakistan has a range of highly experienced orthopedic doctors at each of our clinics in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar & Multan.

Read below to find out more about its causes, its symptoms and how our treatment will help you reduce associated pains.


The human neck constitutes of spinal bones, different muscles, and other tissues and is the start of the spinal cord. The spinal column surrounds and protects the spinal cord, which contains a long thin chain of nervous tissue. The neck provides high mobility and supports the load of the head, due to this the neck is at risk of injury and damage due to its high daily engagement.

It’s very usual to experience dim pain in the neck region and connected areas. Most neck pain cases are due to bad overall posture, however overuse and whiplash are also common causes, which is primarily due to neck muscle pain known as muscle strain. For elders, the common reason for neck pain is due pinched nerves, often caused by age-related issues of the spine. Your neck pain may also be accompanied by shoulder pain, which is likely due to a pinched nerve in your neck, this is often caused by overuse or bad posture. Pain is commonly experienced in the back of the neck, either left or right side of the neck or at the top of the neck.

If you suffer from neck pain, you may experience stiffness in your neck. In most cases, exercises can be done for your neck to reduce the stiffness accompanied by neck muscle pain. Chronic or severe neck pain should be immediately investigated and if left untreated, may lead to immense pain and inconvenience in the long-term. 

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Following are the few very common types of arthritis:


It is the most common type of arthritis and over millions of people are affected by it. There is a cushion like protective cartilage present at the ends of the bones becomes inflamed. It can develop on any joint but the joints in hands, spine, hips and knees are at high risk.


It is the most common type of arthritis and over millions of people are affected by it. There is a cushion like protective cartilage present at the ends of the bones becomes inflamed. It can develop on any joint but the joints in hands, spine, hips and knees are at high risk.


    Pain experienced in your neck may be due a variety of reasons, common causes include overuse and bad overall etc. A few common causes are mentioned below:

    • Muscle strain
    • Bad sleeping positions
    • Rapid neck movement (during activities)
    • Injury (may be due to a fall)
    • Osteoporosis (weak bones or small fractures)
    • Rheumatoid arthritis (swelling of joints)
    • Fibromyalgia (muscle pain)
    • Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal column)


    Neck pain normally relates one or more of the following signs:

    • Acute pain (pain in a single spot)
    • Back of neck pain
    • Routine cramp (discomfort in broader neck region)
    • Radicular discomfort (from neck to shoulders & arms)
    • Cervical radiculopathy (neurological shortfall)
    • Difficulty in lifting (due to numbness in arms & phalanges)
    • Headaches (discomfort in nerves connecting head)
    • Tightening of neck muscles

    Neck Pain Treatment

    Examinations will be done by a doctor on the nature of your neck pain prior to any treatment. Following the test results, appropriate treatment plans are set out to ease your neck pain symptoms and remove them completely. Treatment methods differ depending on the severity of the pain felt due to the neck’s condition. For acute neck pain and stiffness, you may be required to undergo physiotherapy treatment, ice/heat therapy, maintain a good posture, rest, and perhaps take over the counter pain killers. For more severe and chronic neck pains, you may be asked to take muscle relaxers, corticosteroid injections or antibiotics, rarely is surgery necessary. If you find that your chronic neck pain is not going away from at home treatments, or you rather not take medication and want to avoid the long list of side effects caused by corticosteroid injections, then laser therapy aids in providing neck pain relief free from side effects and will free you from your long-term symptoms.

    Laser therapy has been widely researched and has been shown in literature to be an effective long-term chronic neck pain treatment.

    Laser therapy provides neck pain relief in such a way that it focuses a laser light beam on the targeted area of neck. This has shown to increase cellular metabolism of the patient, promoting the healing process of the targeted area. Laser therapy has also been shown to interact with the nerves of the targeted site in a way which reduces pain experienced. The interaction also releases endorphins which reduces the painful sensations at the site. These interactions have a combined effect that result in pain relief starting from minutes after the treatment to long-term pain relief.

    Our technology is equipped with providing pain relief for many complex medical disorders. The treatments are non-invasive, the procedure is painless and you do not experience any side effects.

    Our BioFlex team consists of experienced orthopaedic doctors who offer their outstanding services in various cities of Pakistan. Our clinics are located in cities near you; Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar & Multan.


    To begin the BioFlex Laser therapy process for neck pain treatment, book a consultation with our orthopaedic doctors at one of our centres. Simply input your information below and we will call you back within the next day to book your consultation so you can start reaping the benefits that BioFlex has to offer!


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