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Lumbar Scoliosis Treatment

If you’re searching for a complete guide on lumbar scoliosis treatment then you’re at the right place. Here, you’ll find about scoliosis and how to get proper treatment in order to prevent it from worsening and live a completely normal life.

Scoliosis is a condition of the spine that makes it bent and curved. There are many scoliosis treatment options that help to ease pain and prevent it from worsening. One of these treatments is laser pain therapy that helps in relieving pain caused by scoliosis. As scoliosis can sometimes cause severe back pain, laser pain therapy can be done to relieve pain so that you can carry out your treatment and perform daily activities without any discomfort.

BioFlex Pakistan offers non-surgical scoliosis treatment in Pakistan. We have experts that use low-level laser beams to ease the symptoms of scoliosis very effectively. We have clinics in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Multan. Know more about scoliosis symptoms and treatment to get a better idea of the disease and how to manage it.

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Scoliosis – An Overview

Scoliosis is a disease that makes a sideways curve in the spine, usually at the growth spurt. So, scoliosis is caused in adolescence because of abnormal growth of spine. Almost 3% of adolescents suffer from scoliosis. 

Usually, scoliosis is not a cause of trouble but it causes a lot of problems if it gets complicated. In that case, the spine continues to deform, causing severe pain and deformity in the posture, making it difficult to perform daily activities. That’s why, it is important to start proper treatment as soon as the illness is diagnosed to prevent it from worsening.

Scoliosis diagnosis and complications

An orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon treats scoliosis, the first step being diagnosis. The doctor carries out a physical examination to see the posture and check whether the spine is pushing ribs aside, making the heart and lungs vulnerable. After that, if needed, imaging tests are also performed.

If left untreated, scoliosis can cause the following complications:

Damage to lungs and heart

If the spine continues to curve and bend, the ribs can get pressed, increasing pressure on heart and lungs. This damages these vital organs.

Back problems

If scoliosis continues worsening, severe back pain and posture can occur with time.


When the spine curves, it makes ribs move outwards, bend the back and shift the position of waist and trunk as well.

    What causes scoliosis

    The causes are still unknown but scoliosis is thought to be caused by:

    • Genetics
    • Severe spine injuries
    • Head injuries
    • Birth defects
    • Muscular dystrophy
    • Cerebral palsy

    Symptoms of scoliosis

    The symptoms of scoliosis depend upon its severity. Symptoms are:

    • Uneven shoulders
    • One shoulder balder higher than the other
    • One hip side higher than the other
    • Uneven waist

    Scoliosis Treatment

    Scoliosis once developed can’t be reversed usually. But with proper care and treatment, you can control it and stop it from worsening. With time, the symptoms even go away. So it’s important to follow proper treatment in order to keep it from getting worse. 

    Once diagnosed at a general hospital, the doctor might suggest medicines along with braces. The braces help to correct the posture and stop the spine to curve further. Braces are usually recommended when the child is growing. After a couple of years, once the growth stops, braces are removed. The braces are made of plastic and can’t be seen as it remains under the clothes. It’s better to keep wearing it as much as you can and only remove if it hinders any activity such as sports. 

    If spine problems worsen and it hinders proper movement and you find it hard to maintain posture then the doctor might suggest surgery to correct the spine.

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    Lumbar Scoliosis Treatment by BioFlex Pakistan

    BioFlex Pakistan provides an alternative scoliosis treatment in Pakistan through laser therapy which is a non-invasive, painless, and non-toxic procedure that aids in relieving back pain.

    BioFlex Pakistan laser therapy makes use of low-intensity light diodes which offer accelerated healing, reduced inflammation, and provide scoliosis pain relief. BioFlex Laser therapy is FDA certified, it is guaranteed to be safe and effective. It does not pose any damaging effect on the tissues and promotes rapid healing through the activation of cells.

    The use of the laser promotes angiogenesis, promotes the removal of dead cells, and accelerates healing through various physiological reactions.

    Lumbar scoliosis treatment with laser proves to be the miraculous method for relieving back pain. BioFlex Laser therapy offers scoliosis treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, and Multan where you can book your appointments through the toll-free number or request a call back from our booking form and get a consultation through the healthcare professionals.

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