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Skin Ulcer Treatment For Skin Ulcers

If you are actively searching for skin ulcer treatment then look no further. BioFlex Pakistan provides a high-quality procedure utilizing our cutting-edge laser therapy that will help treat your chronic skin ulcers!

At BioFlex, we use laser therapy that helps you to effectively regenerate your skin with high-quality healing and creates an optimum growth environment for your ulcer. We treat a variety of skin ulcers on the skin and the body.

BioFlex Pakistan has a range of highly experienced orthopedic doctors at each of our clinics in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar & Multan.

Read below to find out more about skin ulcers, their types, what causes them, their symptoms, and our skin ulcer treatment.

What is an Ulcer?

An ulcer is a sore on the skin or on the mucous membrane which occurs due to the decomposition of tissues. A clear infection induced by poor flow of blood, pressure, or injury is considered a skin ulcer. It is more likely an open, round area on the skin which is usually painful. It could be because of the absence of motion, which causes pressure on the tissues over time (pressure ulcer). An efficient flow of blood is important for proper healing of the wound. But during minor injuries, blood flow becomes disturbed in that area and could possibly lead to a skin ulcer with time.

It is recommended to undergo skin ulcer treatment quickly and properly otherwise there are strong chances of their transportation to other parts of the body. For a proper treatment of any type of injury, the blood flow of the patient needs to be very healthy and normal because if blood is not circulating in your whole body normally, then these types of acute injuries will take a lot of time to get healed and might lead to severe problems, which is the case of a skin ulcer.

It usually takes longer to recover from a skin ulcer. It can cause infection and other medical diseases if left unattended because an ulcer itself is a chronic problem and infection in the area affected by the ulcer could cause it to spread in the whole body which is very lethal and life-taking.

All areas of skin are susceptible to an ulcer. They are specifically frequent on the legs, mouth or lips, hips and bottom, but that is based solely on the type of skin ulcer. In most cases, an ulcer affects the legs. The number of people suffering from leg ulcers ranges approximately 3 in 1000 people. But apart from legs; feet, back, and hips are also target areas of ulcers, whereas old people usually have skin ulcers due to prolonged periods of rest resulting in bedsores/pressure ulcers.

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Types of Skin Ulcers

Following are the types of ulcer treatments:

Eczema is an ordinary term used for dermatitis. It simply refers to the inflammation of the skin. It can develop anywhere on the body and has several types. Mainly all types of eczema cause itching, redness, blisters, and inflammations on the skin. It is a very common condition and over 30 million people are suffering from some form of it, luckily it is not a contagious disease.

Laser pain therapy has been proven to treat eczema by penetrating deep into the skin cells and stimulating the natural defense mechanism.

The bedsores are red and painful skin ulcers that begin to turn purple later. If left untreated, a bedsore can lead to an open wound and immense infection. It can descend deep in the skin and approach muscles and bones. Bedsores can take days, months, or years to heal depending upon the level of its severity.

It’s best to treat bed sores as soon as they appear. The best, noninvasive treatment for bed sores is laser therapy. Through a low-level laser beam, the bedsores start healing effectively.

A foot ulcer is a red crater on the top of the skin, anywhere on the foot. It has a deep red center with a thick-skinned border (which thickens over time) and can be limited to the surface of the skin or can extend deep in the tissues and muscles.

Foot ulcers can make it difficult for you to walk and carry out daily activities. But you can get completely healed with a laser treatment that’s non-invasive and proven to be effective.

Causes of delayed wound healing in diabetic patients are due to their high sugar levels, which must be controlled to minimize the risk of developing slow healing diseases such as foot ulcers. Diabetes and its effects on wound healing can be summarized due to; peripheral arterial disease and peripheral neuropathy.

Diabetic wounds can be healed without the use of any oral or topical medicine with laser pain therapy. The laser beam acts on the wound to stimulate the natural defense mechanism, thus aiding in the healing process.

It is a medical term used for pressure ulcers or pressure sores that result from an excess of external pressure on a certain area of the skin for a prolonged time. They cause damage to the superficial skin, underlying tissues, and also result in discoloration of the skin.

BioFlex Pakistan is offering the best Treatment of compression wounds and various other medical conditions. Anyone can develop compression wounds but people who sit in a wheelchair or are bound to bed for a long duration are usually at high risk.

Surgical wounds are common incision wounds and are typically made through a scalpel during many surgical procedures and have a large variety of sizes depending on the procedure requirements. They are mainly closed with the help of the sutures or in some cases they are left open to the environment, in that case, they heal themselves. Wound infection after surgery may occur: with statistics showing a 1-3% chance of surgical wound infection, in which case wound care is of importance to prevent infection and speed up healing.

If a surgical wound isn’t healing because of infection, you can count on laser pain therapy. BioFlex Pakistan is offering laser therapy to heal incision wounds effectively.

    What Causes Ulcers?

    From poor blood flow to diabetics and bacterial infections, there are many causes of skin ulcers.

    People may confuse skin ulcers with skin irritation but as time passes, tissues of skin start decomposing thus causing a prominent wound. Since the main cause of a skin ulcer is poor circulation of blood, here are a few disorders which lead to the poor circulation of blood:

    • Prolonged pressure
    • Poor Blood Circulation
    • Blocked Nerves
    • Blocked Arteries
    • Diabetes
    • Atherosclerosis
    • Insufficient Venous

    Skin Ulcer Symptoms

    Skin ulcers are mostly small wounds on the skin and are round and open sores. In the early stages, ulcers look red on the skin but if you do not have a fair skin color then it may look shiny or blue, in later stages ulcers cause the release of clear fluid from the skin. Ulcers are the most intense injuries that go deep into the skin and it goes through muscle tissue, leaving bones and joints present unshielded.
    The signs and symptoms of skin ulcers are as follows:

    • Dry skin around the wound
    • Flaky skin around the wound
    • Mild itching
    • Exfoliation
    • Discolored patches on the skin
    • Swelling near the wound
    • Pain near the affected area
    • Pus-filled discharge from the wound
    • Unbearable odour
    • Hair loss near the wound

    Risk Factors for Skin Ulcers

    People having the following factors are more prone to skin ulcers:

    • Pregnancy
    • Cigarette smoker
    • Restricted movement
    • Getting older
    • High blood pressure
    • High levels of cholesterol
    • Obese
    • Blood clots history

    Skin Ulcer Treatment for Skin by BioFlex Pakistan

    Laser therapy has been widely researched and has been shown to achieve good results in skin regeneration at optimum quality with an optimum healing growth speed of the skin ulcer. We at BioFlex have many skin ulcer treatments, including surgical incisions, eczema, bedsores, compression ulcers, diabetic wounds, and foot ulcers.

    Low-level laser therapy is an updated technology that is being used to treat a large number of disorders resulting in the healing of a wound, pain relief, and regaining of function. It is a medical procedure promoting the renewal and stimulation of new cells on the skin, without causing any discomfort to the area involved. When light (during treatment through LLLT) is directed onto the skin, mitochondrial chromophores in the skin absorb that light. Absorption of light results in an increase of ATP, electrons, nitric oxide, flow of blood, reactive oxygen species, and different signaling pathways. An increase in levels of all these factors results in an increased production of healthy cells performing the normal function.

    Read more about how laser therapy benefits wound healing and perform well as an option for skin ulcer treatments.

    Our team at BioFlex Pakistan consists of experienced orthopedic doctors who offer their outstanding services in various cities of Pakistan. Our clinics are located in cities near you; Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar & Multan.

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