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How To Get Rid Of Migraines: Everything You Need To Know

How To Get Rid Of Migraines: Everything You Need To Know

Migraine is considered a leading cause of medical illness that affects the population worldwide. It results in headaches which are the common symptoms seen with migraines. Around 10-15% of the population experience migraine headaches which are considered the second most common type of headache after tension headaches. 

Headaches usually occur over one side during the migraine. The headaches are deep and dull during the mild stage while the headaches are pulsatile or throbbing during the severe stage. Migraine headaches are often accompanied by nausea, and vomiting, these headaches might get severe with certain lights, sounds, or physical activity. 

Migraine headaches can last for a few minutes, hours, or days depending on the severity. Some individuals do experience aura before the initiation of migraine headaches where tingling, numbness, zigzag lines, or bright spots are seen. The triggering factors for migraine headaches vary from person to person.

So how do you get rid of a migraine? Here are some tips on how to get rid of migraines. You’ll also come to know about some quick treatment options. 

Let’s dive in. 

5 Do’s to Get Rid of Migraines

1.   Try Inclusion Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Eating foods that have anti-inflammatory properties can be considered one of the best foods for migraine relief. Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help in relieving inflammation but avoid foods with omega-6 fatty acids. Consume foods like salmon, walnuts, olive oil, and flax seeds which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

2.   Consume Fresh Foods

Eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. A typical list of migraine foods to avoid include aged cheese, red wine having tyramine, processed meats, chocolates containing beta-phenylethylamine, and artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame. Just try including simple ingredients in your food and avoid foods listed above having such ingredients and you can spot the difference.

3.   Stay Hydrated

According to healthcare professionals, keeping yourself hydrated at all times prevents you from migraine headaches. Dehydration is a common triggering factor that can lead to migraine headaches. Try consuming 8-10 glasses of water each day to meet the fluid requirements of the body. You can also consume healthy drinks or herbal teas and add some variety to your fluid intake. 

4.   Intake Of Supplements

Eating healthy foods might help you get rid of migraine headaches but certain minerals like magnesium deficiency can trigger migraine headaches. Take daily supplements that can help in reducing the outbursts of migraine headaches. Consult your healthcare professional and take advice regarding home remedies and supplements to avoid migraine headaches.

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5.   Try Following A Regular Schedule

Skipping meals or fasting can stimulate migraine headaches. Try following a regular schedule and sleep and eat at specific timings. Dehydration, hunger, or lack of sleep can serve as the triggering factors for migraines. Sleep well at night by sleeping around 7-8 hours, not more than that as excess can also cause migraine headaches.

5 Don’ts to Get Rid of Migraines

1.   Avoid Excess Consumption Of Caffeine

Caffeine is present in coffee, tea, and soda, and caffeine is found to be associated with migraines. In a small proportion, it offers pain-relieving properties and is present in medications that help in relieving pain. But it is seen that if coffee is consumed in excess amounts, it can result in increased tolerance which can cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop its consumption leading to headaches and anxiety. Try being on the safe side and limit the intake of caffeine.

2.   Avoid Eating Foods Having Msg

If you have ever consumed spaghetti or certain Asian foods which are rich in monosodium glutamate or MSG that resulted in migraine then it is the ultimate triggering factor. It is therefore advised to avoid the consumption of MSG foods.  It is commonly present in Asian foods, soya sauce, and pre-packaged foods. MSG is also named as hydrolyzed fats, all-natural preservatives, or natural flavourings in packaged foods. MSG can cause headaches within 20-30 minutes after consuming it. It leads to chest pain, abdominal discomfort, facial flushing, and headaches.

3.   Avoid Gadget Usage

Try taking breaks from TV or laptop screens, give rest to your eyes and try adjusting the brightness level of your digital gadgets. Try adjusting visual and auditory disturbances that can cause migraine headaches. Try controlling your screen time and avoid excess usage of mobile phones, laptops, or computer screens that might exaggerate your migraine headaches.

4.   Avoid Bright Lights, Music, Or Loud Noise

Flashing lights, loud noises, or music serve as the triggering factor for migraine headaches. These factors might seem difficult to control but you can try limiting them by avoiding driving at night time, watching movies in cinemas, attending crowded venues or clubs, or glaring directly at the sunlight.

5.   Avoid Stressful Situations

It is difficult to control stress but it all depends on how we react to it. Migraines commonly occur due to stressful situations, it is, therefore, essential to practice relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, tai chi, or biofeedback which aids in relieving stress. 

How to Get Rid of Migraines Fast


The front-line treatment against migraines is medications prescribed by your doctors. The pills act quickly and give you relief. 

You can take over-the-counter pain medication. Or your doctor might prescribe triptans, opioids, and other medicines that are relatively stronger and work to relieve severe migraine cases. 

5 Tips for Instant Migraine Relief

  • Find a dark place to lie down. Light triggers migraine symptoms. 
  • Have some caffeine early on after the pain starts. Avoid overconsumption
  • Apply an ice pack to your forehead for a few minutes 
  • Drinks lots of water to hydrate
  • Try massage and other alternative treatment options (one is mentioned below)

Ways To Prevent Migraine Onset

  • If you suffer from almost 15 episodes of migraine per month then the doctor might prescribe a few medicines that prevent the episodes. These medicines include antidepressants, beta-blockers, and antiepileptic medicines. If these medicines aren’t working then the doctor might go for botox injections. 
  • You can work on finding out your trigger. What causes your migraine onset? Then you can work to avoid that particular trigger. 
  • Exercise a lot to relieve stress and feel healthy. 
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy food. 
  • Try mindfulness meditation to relax and avoid any triggers. 
  • You can also go for alternative treatments that can prevent migraine onsets without any medicines. But always consult your doctor before trying any alternative treatment option to know whether it would be beneficial for your particular case or not. 

How to Get Rid of Migraines – Alternative Migraine Treatment

If you still suffer from migraines once you adopt a healthy lifestyle, then try choosing laser therapy. Laser therapy has been shown in studies to relieve migraines by reducing the intensity of attacks and reducing reoccurrences.

BioFlex Pakistan makes use of low-level lasers which aid in reducing inflammation and pain, and enhances the blood flow to the brain tissues, stimulating healing at the cellular level. 

Click to learn more about our Migraine Treatment, their symptoms, causes, and more on how we at BioFlex Pakistan help you get rid of your migraines.

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