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Ankle Pain After Running: Causes and Treatment Options

Ankle Pain After Running: Causes and Treatment Options

It’s a common experienc/e to suffer from an ankle injury while you run. Whether you’re an athlete or a fitness freak and suffering from ankle pain after running, then this article is for you. 

Here, you will come to know the causes of ankle pain and how you can get rid of it, forever. 

Let’s get started. 

Sore ankles after running – An Overview 

An ankle sprain is experienced by players quite often. The ligaments of the ankles get damaged or torn due to sudden inward movements of your foot. The upper ankle sprain is worse as it takes a lot of time to heal. Usually, in this case, the bone of the leg also gets damaged. 

You can ease the pain and heal the injury by following exercises recommended by your therapist. Further, if you feel that the swelling isn’t going away and the pain is increasing then you should visit the doctor. 

Causes of ankle pain after running 

Ankle pain can be a result of: 

  • A torn or injured ligament that supports your ankles. 
  • Damaged tendons. 
  • A fracture that is caused by damage to the ankle bone. 
  • Twisting and turning of the ankle while running. 
  • Running after days without warming up. 
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes while running which can add stress to the ankle. 

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How to treat ankle pain after running 

Your doctor will assess your ankle pain to know the underlying causes. For the physical examination; imaging tests and stress tests are done. Once diagnosed, you’ll be prescribed medicines and therapy advice to get better quickly. 

Home remedies 

Along with your treatment, you should follow some home remedies for ankle pain and swelling to feel better in no time. Here is a proven way to manage your ankle pain at home.

RICE is a proven protocol that you should follow at home. It consists of these steps: 

  • Rest. Take lots of rest and don’t move unnecessarily. 
  • Ice. Icing is a great way to reduce swelling. You should ice your ankle for 20 minutes after every 2,3 hours. 
  • Compression. Use compressors to reduce pain. You can buy one from a nearby pharmacy.  
  • Elevation. Elevate your foot to reduce pressure and enhance blood flow. 

Physical therapy 

If the ankle pain is the result of strain or sprain, you can opt for physical therapy that will help strengthen your ankle joint and flexibility. Make sure to stick to your therapist’s advice and don’t overdo any exercise or movement. 

Medications and traditional treatment 

The doctor might prescribe painkillers to make you feel better. Apart from pain-relieving ointments and tablets, you might be prescribed NSAIDs for quick pain relief. 

The painkillers will only reduce pain and won’t treat the underlying cause of your ankle pain. 

Laser pain therapy – Alternative treatment 

A modern and effective therapy that helps reduce ankle pain, inflammation, and encourages natural healing is through a low-level laser beam. The beam is directed on the injured part by an experienced doctor and one session might last up to half an hour. You will be asked for follow-up sessions until the injury gets healed completely. 

During the session of laser therapy, a concentrated amount of light energy is calibrated over the tissues which penetrate the deeper layers of the tissues and reach the damaged cells. Once it reaches the injured tissues, the energy from the lasers stimulates the healing process of the body over the cellular levels. 

BioFlex Pakistan is a modern pain management clinic where patients suffering from foot and ankle pain are treated with laser therapy, successfully. Our experienced rheumatologists safely and non-invasively treat the underlying cause of ankle sprain. 

Here’s a sports injury case study of a patient at BioFlex Pakistan who suffered from ankle pain and inflammation, and underwent successful treatment with BioFlex’s low-level laser therapy.

Suffering from ankle pain after running and want to get rid of it and be back in form? Book your appointment for laser treatment for Achilles tendonitis with BioFlex Pakistan’s laser technology.


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