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Sports Injury Case Study By BioFlex Pakistan

Sports Injury Case Study By BioFlex Pakistan 

Below is a sports injury case study of a person who recovered from laser pain therapy at BioFlex Pakistan. 

Laser pain therapy is a non-invasive and very effective treatment for neuromusculoskeletal injuries and pains. This advanced therapy is performed at BioFlex Pakistan—a pain therapy clinic that helps you get rid of chronic pains with a low-level beam. 

Sports Injury Case Study – Example

Mr. Mumtaz Ahmed presents himself to the BioFlex clinic complaining of excruciating pain in one of his feet, near the Achilles tendon area for 1 year. He feels throbbing pain and can’t move properly. Initially, he has been given NSAIDs by his doctor but that just helps with pain temporarily. He then consults multiple doctors for treatment and recently has been suggested surgery. He is avoiding foot surgery as he wants to get rid of the pain non-invasively. Primarily because he is diabetic. 

Upon visual examination, the foot seems swollen. On physical examination, palpation in the middle of the tendon causes significant pain. No bulbous mass on the tendon is observed. The patient is informed that he has Achilles Tendinitis. The diagnosis has been made by his previous doctor as well. 

A biochemical test is conducted, whereby the patient is asked to walk and run. The patient can’t walk properly and running seems impossible. He has been observed with tightness in the calf muscles due to the limited range of ankle joint dorsiflexion. 

All this makes his pain worse due to increased stress on the Achilles tendon. 

A footwear assessment shows that the back soles are worn out and compressed significantly. 

The patient’s ultrasound report shows no tears. The patient has been informed that he has an acute form of Achilles tendinitis. The tendon is inflamed.

Sports Injury Case Study – Treatment  

Due to the severity of pain, the focus is to subside pain first. After that, the focus is shifted to the healing of the Achilles tendon. The treatment starts with making the patient comfortable in the doctor’s office in a lying position. The foot is exposed to a low-level laser beam that is emitted through a laser device. The last device is moved carefully over the foot till the calf muscles. The session lasts for at least 20 minutes and then the patient is advised to take a rest and don’t move his Achilles tendon much. 

The patient is advised to come for follow-up visits after intervals. In every session, the procedure is repeated and the patient’s improvement is noted. 

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Sports Injury Case Study – Follow up 

The pain subsided to a great extent after 15 sessions that extended to a few months. The patient is now able to move without any pain. The patient can also wear flat shoes with no sole, which was impossible prior to the treatment. 

The patient got rid of pain non-invasive and thus surgery (that was recommended earlier) was avoided. 

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Please note that the treatment of every patient through laser pain therapy is not the same. Every patient is examined carefully and then recommended treatment tailored for that specific pain. Also, the number of sessions depends upon the intensity of pain and the duration of each session. This was one case study about injuries that demonstrated how a patient got treated using laser pain therapy. 

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Click here to watch the full video of Mr Mumtaz’s sports injury case study at BioFlex Pakistan. 


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