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Chronic Sports Injuries Are Treated Using Laser Therapy

Chronic Sports Injuries Are Treated Using Laser Therapy At BioFlex Pakistan 

Sports injuries occur when the soft tissues of your body get damaged due to falls and other injuries. Chronic sports injuries are treated using various treatments but the crux is to get proper treatment as soon as you get the injury. Even then, there are chances that your injury might take weeks and even months to be healed completely. 

Usually, it takes 1 to 8 weeks for a sports injury to heal. But if not taken care of properly, the sports injury can take months and years to heal. 

If you’re suffering from a chronic sports injury and want to heal completely then there’s good news for you: 

Acute and chronic injuries can be healed completely with non-invasive and completely safe laser therapy that helps heal the injury naturally by activating the body’s healing mechanism. 

The laser treatment is done at our modern, non-interventional pain management clinic – BioFlex Pakistan which is located in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Multan. 

Eager to know more and be healed completely? Read below to know how chronic sports injuries are treated using laser therapy at BioFlex Pakistan. 

Chronic Sports Injuries – Overview 

Sports injuries that don’t heal properly can be prolonged, causing pain and inability to perform daily life tasks. These are chronic sports injuries that persist for years. 

You might get your muscles, ligaments, or tendons injured while playing sports. To heal completely, you need to take a rest and follow a treatment plan religiously. Rushing back into the sport or not taking care of yourself can prolong the recovery process. 

There are many types of sports injuries, depending upon the intensity and area that’s injured. 

Let’s see how these chronic sports injuries are treated at BioFlex Pakistan. 

Types of chronic sports injuries treated at BioFlex Pakistan 

BioFlex Pakistan has modern equipment and highly-trained staff to treat the following chronic sports injuries: 

Now that we know which sports injuries are treated at BioFlex Pakistan, let’s see how it’s done. 

How acute and chronic sports injuries are treated at BioFlex Pakistan 

You can book an appointment beforehand and head to the clinic right at the time. Your injury will be examined carefully and your medical history will be noted. 

The treatment is done by qualified orthopedic doctors with several years of experience. You will be guided about how your injury will be treated with laser therapy and how many follow-ups are required to heal completely. 


You will be asked to lay down comfortably. The doctor will use a handheld device to direct the low-level laser beam on the injured area. The device is moved over the injured part for a few minutes. 

That’s it. The procedure itself is painless. You might feel a burning sensation but it’s not very noticeable. The whole process takes about half an hour, less or more, depending upon the injury. 


You will be guided on how to take care of your injury once the treatment is started. It’s advised to follow the doctor’s advice religiously so that you can gain maximum benefit from the treatment. 

Usually, no medicines are prescribed and that makes laser therapy a safe and non-invasive procedure with no side effects. 

The science behind laser therapy 

Wondering how the laser beam helps recover you from chronic injuries? Here’s the answer:

The laser beam penetrates the skin and induces natural healing mechanisms. The laser beam stimulates the tissues to produce pain-relieving hormone – endorphins. Also, the laser beam interacts with the nerves in a way that helps heal the injury even if it’s severe and chronic. 

Why opt for BioFlex Pakistan for laser pain therapy?

Here are a few reasons that you should choose BioFlex Pakistan for chronic sports injury treatment using laser therapy:

  • The equipment used is latest and serviced/repaired regularly 
  • The doctors are highly trained and have been treating many patients through laser therapy
  • The staff is also well-qualified and very hospitable 
  • No medicines are prescribed 
  • You’re guided throughout the treatment for proper aftercare and the best outcome 
  • The clinics are very hygienic with every cleanliness protocols followed strictly 
  • There are no hidden charges for the treatment 

The Bottom Line 

Chronic sports injuries take years to heal completely. But chronic sports injuries can be treated using laser pain therapy, to heal the injury non-invasively. This procedure is done at the non-interventional, pain management clinic BioFlex Pakistan, located in several cities. Read above to know all about how chronic injuries are treated at BioFlex Pakistan. 

Click here to book your appointment or know more. 


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