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How To Relieve Back Pain Instantly (7 Ways)

How To Relieve Back Pain Instantly? 

Back pain is a health issue that can halt your daily life activities. You can’t support yourself in a standing or sitting position if your back muscles or backbone are hurting. That’s why it’s important to carry out the right back pain solutions and to follow your doctor’s prescription and advice religiously. 

About 80% of people at some point in their lives experience back pain. Amongst all, lower back pain is more common and a cause of real problems. You might also experience pain in the middle or upper back pain. 

If you’re fed up with taking over-the-counter medicines and pills prescribed by your doctor then you can follow some remedies that are proven to be helpful to provide back pain relief. 

So let’s have a look at some therapies, home remedies, and alternative ways on how to relieve back pain instantly. 


If your muscles are tensed or tightened then you can go for low-impact exercises that loosen up the muscles and help you with pain and movement. 

You should opt for exercises that don’t add pressure on your back. Rather go for the exercises to relieve back pain from sitting that you get when inactive for extended periods of time. This will help you get moving more often and as a result will provide you with back pain relief in the long run.

For the right exercises, consult a physical therapist who would help you seek out the daily exercises that will relieve your back pain. 


Stretching is another back pain remedy, it works by stimulating the muscles and helping release pain-relieving hormones called endorphins. This hormone naturally helps you to get rid of the pain. One of the stretches is to stretch downwards to touch your toes. Repeat this stretch 5 to 20 times, depending upon the intensity of your backache. Hold a stretch for at least 5 seconds. 

Hot and cold pack treatment 

For back pain treatment at home, you can opt for hot and cold packs that help to relieve your back pain instantly. 

A cold pack is especially helpful when you’re suffering from an injury in your back. Just apply a cold pack wrapped in a towel in the painful area for no more than 20 minutes. 

Cold pack numbs the painful area for a while and helps to reduce inflammation as well. 

You can alternate a cold pack with a hot pack. A hot pack relieves back pain fast by reducing muscle tension and increasing blood flow, thereby providing relief from back pain.

Again, a hot pack should also not be used for more than 20 minutes at a time. 

Massage therapy 

Massage is a great way to keep yourself healthy and active. Massage helps relieve back pain and decrease muscle stiffness. But be sure you choose a professional massager who knows how to massage the back for the specific pain you’re experiencing. 

You can opt for massage 2 to 3 times a week. It’s best to consult your doctor first as massage sometimes elevates the pain as well. 

Laser pain therapy

A modern and effective back ache relief treatment is through a low-level laser beam. This therapy is so effective that you won’t need any painkillers alongside. The procedure is done by doctors who are trained to use handheld laser devices. The laser reduces inflammation and relieves back pain instantly by stimulating natural pain-relieving mechanisms in the body. You will be asked for follow-ups until your back pain subsides completely over the long-term.

Want to know more? Click here to know all about how laser pain therapy helps to reduce or completely vanish chronic back pain.  

Comfy shoes 

Shoes decide your posture and your posture plays a very important role to keep your back upright and pain-free, as well as keeping your knees pain-free. To support your aching back, you should wear soft and comfortable shoes. Avoid heels and flat shoes as both can elevate the pain. You can also ask your doctor to recommend medicated shoes for you that will act as a backache remedy.

Comfortable sitting position 

Your posture while sitting also decides whether you get back pain relief. So, always sit upright and keep your body straight. You should choose a chair that supports your back while you work at your office/home. 

There are many medicated back support cushions that you can use to maintain a straight posture. If you work sitting on your chair for the most of the day, then it would be the best option. 

When to see your doctor? 

The above remedies are effective solutions on how to relieve back pain instantly. But if you don’t feel any improvement or the pain elevates then it’s best to connect with a doctor for getting proper treatment. You can seek medical help along with therapies to get better soon. 


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