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Can Worn Out Shoes Cause Knee Pain?

Have you ever noticed how your legs, knees, and back “feel” differently while you wear new shoes, somewhat older shoes, and then worn-out shoes? If you’re a sportsperson and always on the run then you know what I’m talking about. 

Shoes really affect your posture and run because they either ease your movements or make them difficult, depending upon their material and how long they’ve been used. 

So, can worn-out shoes cause knee pain? Here’s the kicker:

Worn out shoes not only cause knee pain but they also cause pain in your back and limbs. If remaining unattended, you can suffer from chronic knee pain that won’t allow you to be in-game for a long time. 

So let’s see how worn out shoes cause knee pain and what you can do about it. 

How do worn-out shoes cause knee pain? 

Shoes come with a shock-absorbing property. They have a material in the sole that makes it easy for you to walk and run without any discomfort. 

But over time, you might experience knee pain after running as the material in the sole consumes off. So, the shock-absorbing property vanishes away. Now when you run, you’ll feel discomfort. These worn-out shoes will cause pain and discomfort in the legs, back, and knees. 

The average lifespan of sports shoes 

An interesting fact is that runners have a lifespan and when you drag the time ahead of it, you experience pain and discomfort. On average, runners can be used for 800 to 1000 KM of distance and no more than that. You can cover this distance in 3 months or 13 months, depending upon your sports and activities. 

Signs your shoes are worn out 

The shock-absorbing material is eaten away even if you just stand for a long time. So you should consider the distance covered by the runners and also how much you stand in those shoes. 

Here are a few signs that your shoes have been worn out and they can and they might cause knee pain any time soon:

  • Wrinkles on the edges of the shoes 
  • Sole becomes somewhat flat 
  • You feel discomfort while running in those shoes 
  • Your toes are poking out 
  • The sole is detaching 
  • Angles wear patterns on the sole of your runners 

All these signs are obvious. You shouldn’t use these worn-out shoes anymore, no matter how much you love them. You can always buy new and better ones. Best shoes for knee pain relief are sports shoes that have proper cushioning. 

Tips to ease your knee pain 

If you have knee pain due to wearing worn-out shoes, you can try the following remedies along with changing your runners:

  • Buy a good pair of sports shoes and avoid ballet flats. They look great but they can’t support you while you run for hours. 
  • Try a cold pack that will help relieve swelling and pain. 
  • Take a lot of rest and don’t rush to be back in the game. 
  • Take over the counter medicines as and when required. 
  • Don’t move your knee too much. But follow some exercises, recommended by your therapist. 

In case your pain isn’t going away or swelling is increasing then do visit your doctor. Knee pain can get worse when the ligaments joining your lower leg bone to the knee tears away. So it’s best to follow your doctor’s instructions along with home remedies. 

The Bottom line

So can worn out shoes cause knee pain? Yes, because they’re no longer effective at shock absorption. Results? You might feel knee pain along with back pain. You can get rid of this pain with home remedies and over the counter pain medicines. You might also have to visit your doctor in case the pain isn’t going away and you can’t move properly. 

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And if you overlook the problem and don’t go on a shopping spree or treat the knee pain then it might turn into a chronic problem. So whenever your runner gets too old or passes its best-before date and you feel uncomfortable then it’s time to buy yourself a new pair of shoes to protect your knees and be in the game.


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