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Does Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Work?

Does Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Work?

Feeling body aches or going through a chronic neuromuscular condition? You must be searching for a modern alternative method to treat your condition and be back to normal life. 

This modern and tech era has many surprises for you (both good and bad)! Here’s some good news for you: 

There’s a modern, safe, and effective therapy that helps treat various pains such as sports injuries. This laser beam penetrates your body and heals the pain, naturally. 

Too good to be true? There are 4000+ studies backed by science that have proved the effectiveness of laser therapy or deep tissue laser therapy. 

So let’s see what laser therapy is and does it really work? 

Deep tissue laser therapy – An Overview 

Deep tissue laser therapy is an FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved method to treat various neuromuscular illnesses. Acute and chronic sports injuries are treated using laser therapy.

Laser therapy or deep tissue laser therapy is done by rheumatologists. It’s a painless procedure that involves no medications. You will need a few sessions before you feel painless. 

Does deep tissue laser therapy work? 

Let’s first know the science behind deep tissue laser therapy:

During the session of laser therapy, a concentrated amount of light energy is calibrated over the tissues which penetrate the deeper layers and reach the damaged cells. Once it reaches the injured tissues, the energy from the lasers stimulates the healing process of the body over the cellular levels. 

This results in enhanced cellular growth, increased cell production, enhanced DNA synthesis, increased cellular nutrition, offers accelerated rejuvenation and improved circulation throughout the lower extremities. It increases the supply of oxygen to the damaged tissues which result in enhanced recovery time.

Various studies show how laser therapy really works in treating ligaments, muscles, nerves, bursa, skin, cartilage, and tendons which are found in abundance within the lower extremities. 

To reap maximum benefits from laser therapy, you should: 

  • Study about its pros and cons 
  • Research about how it can be beneficial for your particular condition 
  • Talk to a person who has already gone through the procedure 
  • Talk to your doctor about its possible effects 
  • Consult a doctor who specializes in laser therapy and discuss your condition 
  • Choose a reliable and modern pain management clinic where experienced doctors will treat you through laser therapy 

Who can go for deep tissue laser therapy?

There are many common conditions like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ulcers, sores, neuromuscular conditions and joint pain; treatable with cold laser.

We’ve discussed a few conditions but please note laser therapy treats a range of neuromuscular illnesses. 

Arthritis- laser therapy is the perfect choice to decelerate the process of arthritis. It aids in regenerating the worn cartilage and enhances the thickness of the cartilage which helps in relieving arthritic ankle pain. 

The use of laser therapy reduces the amount of swelling, increases the range of motion, and improves circulation towards the damaged tissues leading to improved mobility.

Achilles tendonitis- this type of tendon injury might be acute or chronic which may affect the proper functioning of joints.

Achilles tendonitis results in fibrosis around the ankle joint which causes pain and reduces mobility. Laser therapy reduces the number of inflammatory markers associated with this condition, leading to reduced pain, inflammation, and fibrosis.

Plantar fasciitis- this painful condition affects the bottom side of the foot leading to painful sensation. It can be easily relieved with a combination of exercises, stretches, massage, and laser therapy. 

Different studies conclude that it relieves pain and reduces the thickness of the plantar fascia.

Ulcer- ulcers and wounds are the common sources of disability in individuals. 

Improper circulation due to ulcers results in ankle and foot pain. 

Diabetes and Atherosclerosis are also sources of ulcer formation. 

Deep tissue laser therapy has been shown to improve circulation, enhance mobility and resolve the pain within a few sessions. This non-invasive procedure enhances the healing process and facilitates wound contraction.

Deep tissue laser therapy benefits

  • No side effects have been reported so far 
  • The treatment involves no medications or interventions 
  • The treatment alleviates pain for a long time and even permanently
  • The laser beam used is safe 
  • The natural healing mechanism of the body is stimulated 
  • The procedure is fast and painless 

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Deep tissue laser therapy in Pakistan 

If you’re in Pakistan and looking for a reliable pain management clinic then BioFlex Pakistan is the best choice for you. 

We have experienced rheumatologists and advanced equipment to treat your condition successfully. Our clinics are hygienic and ensure your safety at all times. 

Want to know more about how we treat a range of neuromuscular conditions through deep tissue laser therapy? View our laser therapy treatments.

Deep tissue laser therapy reviews for BioFlex Pakistan 

Read our low-intensity laser therapy reviews by patients at BioFlex Pakistan who were suffering from chronic and acute conditions and found 100% relief from our treatment.

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