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5 Cold Laser Therapy Benefits (Must Know)


In today’s techno world, most of us desire for the painless mode of treatment. Therefore, BioFlex came up with low-level laser therapy that utilizes laser diodes which are super luminous for irradiating the traumatized or diseased tissues with the help of photons. The energy particles of laser therapy are absorbed within the intracellular molecules and cell membrane leading to the cascade of physiological reactions that helps in the promotion of normal cell functioning. The physiological effects of BioFlex laser therapy include analgesia, tissue repair, and enhancement of the body’s immune system, improvement and regulation of the cellular metabolism without any adverse effects. 

Cold laser therapy is safe and highly effective for most musculoskeletal conditions which include the following: neck pain treatment, arthritis treatment, diabetic wound, migraine treatment, shoulder pain treatment, diabetic foot ulcer, bedsore treatment, knee pain treatment along with other dermatological conditions.

So, here are 5 cold laser therapy benefits that BioFlex Pakistan has to offer:


Cold laser therapy is a type of non-invasive procedure which does not require any surgical incision before the treatment. It is a non-toxic procedure without any adverse effects that results in a brief recovery period. Laser therapy is only performed by the professionals without any need of pharmaceuticals along with it, which means it is perfect for patients who prefer avoiding the use of harmful medications and their side effects.

For instance, a patient is suffering a chronic injury and willing to undergo surgery, it will result in increased pain sensation due to the surgical procedure. Therefore, it is recommended to utilize cold laser therapy for wound healing as it is a non-invasive procedure and does not result in the formation of scar tissues. When the laser diode is applied over your skin, it delivers a soothing, warm sensation without any adverse effects.


Cold laser therapy is a perfect mode of laser treatment for pain and inflammation amongst patients. Laser therapy occurs with the help of photobiomodulation. During this process, the photons enter within the tissues and activate cytochrome C complex in mitochondria. It results in a series of biological reactions that enhances the cellular metabolism ultimately leading to decreased painful sensations and inflammation. 

Patients enjoy long-lasting results with laser therapy and that too without any undesirable side effects. The duration of the treatment with laser therapy might vary depending on the severity of the condition. The anti-inflammatory effect with cold laser therapy results in vasodilation along with the activation of the lymphatic system that helps in drainage from the swollen areas. The use of lasers reduces painful sensation by decreasing the levels of biochemical markers within the diseased tissues along with the oxidative stress.


There are cold laser therapy benefits for both acute as well as chronic conditions. It is highly effective if utilized immediately after the injury. As soon as the laser therapy is utilized it results in rapid anti-inflammatory effects leading to the initiation of the healing process.

For acute conditions, laser therapy aids in restoring the normal functions of the body immediately. However, for chronic conditions, the use of laser therapy is beneficial to combat the persistent type of inflammation and pain within the body. 

Inflammation is the step taken by your immune system to reduce painful sensations, but in chronic conditions, inflammation leads to stressful situations over the essential body organs. An ongoing chronic inflammatory process increases your chance of suffering from stroke or heart disease, leading to high chances of plaque formation within the blood vessels and blockage of blood flow. 

The light wavelengths of the low-level lasers directly invade deep within the skin resulting in reduced pain sensations along with inflammation. It maintains the blood vessels from any blockage so that inflammation is reduced.


Cold laser therapy promotes rapid healing without any serious side effects. These therapeutic lasers work over the cellular level by promoting the body’s healing response. The lasers help by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow towards the surrounding tissues. This blood flow leads to the absorption of extra nutrients within the tissues leading to rapid healing. 

The use of laser therapy ultimately results in acceleration of cell growth and tissue repair during the diseased condition. It results in angiogenesis which is the formation of new capillaries within the diseased tissues leading to a speedy healing process with reduced scar tissue and quick closure of wounds.


Laser therapy has been in use for several years resulting in beneficial effects over the body. It does not pose any heat over the skin surface which is why it is completely safe resulting in no burning or damaging effect over the skin tissues. 

The cold laser is pain-free as well as drug-free which is why it has no major side effects over the body. The laser therapy offers immediate results over the injured tissues with an efficacy rate of around 90-95% in most of the patients. Cold laser therapy research has been done widely and has shown the efficacy of cold laser therapy for treating a huge range of medical conditions.

BioFlex Pakistan’s has a range of positive cold laser therapy reviews by our patients. Visit them on our website here, or alternatively, visit our youtube page where you can see all our customer testimonials as well as a variety of information given by our doctors themselves.

Cold laser therapy is a perfect alternative that is effective and completely safe when compared to analgesics like NSAIDS, Tylenol, opiate medications, corticosteroids and other drugs that are highly addictive, toxic along with it offer major side effects.


To conclude after having a look over a few cold laser therapy benefits, you can surely consider it the mode of treatment as it is completely safe and effective helping the professionals to treat several conditions. Thousands of patients and doctors are utilizing cold laser therapy these days to achieve positive outcomes. The laser treatments are customized according to each patient depending on their needs and other varying factors.


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