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Exercise for Knee Pain: 5 Simple Stretches for Knee Pain You Can Do Anywhere

Knee pain serves as the trauma to the entire body; it interferes with your routine activities making you bound to stay at home. When you feel mild to moderate knee pain, you can definitely fix it at home with some simple and easy measures like stretches that work well for knee pain. The best part of this exercise is that you can perform at any time of the day at any place.

Knee pain causes usually include the tight or weak muscles surrounding the knees, glutes, hips, hamstrings, quads or calves. The knee is the center point of the entire leg, as soon as the muscles from the hips to toes get affected they negatively impair the knee joint leading to pain. So, if you plan on keeping the knee joint intact without any painful sensation, then choose simple stretches to keep the muscles healthy and relaxed. 


During stretching, we usually neglect the calf muscles. People who engage themselves in intensive workouts, spend most of the time on feet and who run a lot should definitely perform the wall-side calf stretch. Calf muscles usually get tight after such exercises, and you need to perform stretches that help in relieving knee pain. Just face against a wall and leaned against it while flexing the right foot.

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Now position the heel right over the area where the vertical surface of the wall meets the floor. Keep the toes slightly elevated while heel resting over the floor. Maintain this position while keeping the leg in a straight posture, lean towards the front leg and hold the stretch at the deepest point. Lean for around 5 seconds and then release it while working on deep stretches. Repeat the stretch on the left leg. Now aim to perform the reps for 10-15 times on each leg depending on the tightness of the calf muscles.


When you frequently perform quads and that too the tighter ones it feels like a pressure over the knee cap. Do the quad stretch to relieve the tension over the muscles. Lie over one side of the body. Keep your leg straight, which is underneath you and bend the knee of the upper foot so that it is placed by your bum. Keep holding your top feet with the hand and pull it by your butt. Feel a stretch in the quad. Keep yourself stable without rocking. Now switch yourself on the other side and repeat the stretch.


The hamstrings are the primary support system for the knees and hips. The hamstring strain is commonly seen to result in a knee injury. It is therefore essential to maintain mobile and relaxed hamstring. To prevent the knee pain perform this stretch where you need to stand still on the right foot while left foot placed forward with a heel over the floor and toes up. Slightly hinge forward over your hips and bend the right knee while sitting back slightly. When you turn the right leg, maintain the left leg in straight posture while putting your entire weight over the heel edge. Now feel the stretch of hamstring in the straight leg. Switch sides to repeat the stretch. 


This stretch allows you to control tension in both hamstring and calf muscle. Sit down over the ground. Now pull the right foot close to the butt while maintaining the knee in a bent posture.  Wedge the massage/ lacrosse ball underneath the right knee and sandwich it between the hamstring and the calf muscle. Now create the compression force through pulling the shin in your direction and rotating the foot in circular motions alternately which will create the space within the knee joint. Keep doing this stretch till you feel some relief in the tightness. Now switch to the different leg.


When you perform the kneel-down quad stretch, it loosens the quads and takes off tension from the hips and knees. Now kneel over the single knee while placing the opposite foot over the floor in front. Grab the backside of your other foot and pull it towards the butt. Do this till you feel relief in tightness and then switch sides.

Following these simple stretches, every day prevents you from suffering from knee pain. You can perform these stretches every day, after the workout. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds or 1 minute depending on the muscle tightness. These simple stretches offer knee protection and prevent them from being strained. However, if you suffer from sharp knee pain or if the knee pain is getting worse immediately see the physiotherapist to determine the cause and help you in the further treatment plan. With the latest technology in Pakistan, i.e. Laser therapy, you can visit different clinics and have laser treatment in Karachi, Peshawar or Islamabad.


Bioflex laser therapy is highly effective without any severe adverse effects. It is one of the best therapeutic procedures which works with super luminous diodes that are applied over the knee. The treatment session varies from person to person. If the knee pain is severe, the therapeutic sessions might last for 15-20 times, but for mild to moderate pain, you can get yourself treated within 5-6 sessions as well. The Bioflex Laser technology is non-invasive and pain-free that ultimately resolves the knee pain without any surgical procedure.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself connected with the Bioflex clinics in town at the large cities, namely Karachi, Peshawar or Islamabad for the stunning outcomes!

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