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10 Foods That Make Your Bones Strong

A well-balanced and healthy diet rich in proteins, healthy fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is essential for a stronger body.

To keep your bones and muscles strengthened, you need a sufficient amount of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, potassium, and other vital minerals. 

Weak bones and muscles can negatively affect your daily activities leading to certain conditions like osteoporosis or rickets. A balanced diet serves as a building block for a healthy, strong body that allows you to perform daily activities without any impairment efficiently. 

A healthy individual needs a certain amount of calcium, vitamins, and other minerals in the body to maintain strong bones and healthy muscles.

Strong Bones Food List

So here are the 10 foods that make your bones strong and healthy: 

1.  Soya bean- it is a complete source of protein that provides the body with essential amino acids.

2.  Tofu- it is prepared from bean curds, which are processed similarly to cheese. It has no specific taste of its own, but it absorbs flavours from different ingredients in which it is cooked.

3.  Tempeh- is also prepared from mature soybeans that are pressed to form a patty.  Tempeh has its specific nutty flavour, which gives your taste buds a fantastic feeling. 

These protein-rich foods serve as the building blocks of the body. It enhances the functional and structural properties of the living cells. Eating protein-rich foods increases the muscle mass of the body and makes you feel full with a lower risk of obesity. 

4.  Leafy vegetables- vegetables are the best food for strong bones. They are rich in vitamins, which stimulate the bone-forming cells i.e. osteoblasts. Vitamin C also offers antioxidant effects which prevent bone damage. 

Vegetables enhance bone mineral density leading to increased amounts of mineral deposition within the bones. An increased intake of leafy vegetables improves bone mineralization in childhood and continues maintaining the bone mass during adulthood. 

According to a study conducted on women over 50 years of age, it shows that consumption of onions reduces the risk of osteoporosis and increases the bone turnover rate. 

Spinach is a stunning leafy vegetable that offers an individual with 25% daily calcium intake, iron, fibre, vitamin A and other minerals, making it a must-have food for strong bones and muscles.

5.  Fortified cereals- these fortified cereals are rich in vitamin D. When you are sick of cooking or going outdoors to consume enough calcium and vitamin D, you can choose these cereals and have enough nutrients in your diet.

6.  Dairy foods- yoghurt and milk are great sources of Vitamin D and calcium. If you don’t like dairy foods, try combining them with fruits to make smoothies or shakes to consume enough calcium, vitamin D, and other vital nutrients from dairy foods. 

Other than milk and yoghurt, cheese is loaded with calcium. Still, excess calcium can make you obese, so try moderate consumption of dairy foods and enjoy their beneficial effects. 

Eggs are another quick option to consume 6% daily vitamin D. Just cook it in any form and experience the surplus amount of nutrients.

7.  Nuts- nuts are the perfect source of essential nutrients for the body. It offers the body healthy fats, fibre, iron, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, and vitamin E. 

Nuts contain antioxidants that protect the body against inflammation. Try consumption of unblanched and raw nuts to enjoy all the nutrients in them as roasting or blanching might damage the constituents.

8.  Fish-sardines are tiny fish that are available in cans. They have high levels of calcium and vitamin D. Although these fish have a pungent taste, it enhances the flavour of your salads and pasta. 

Salmon is another healthy fish choice that has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. This fish has 100% vitamin D, so you should make sure to consume this food for strong bones and muscles.

Tuna is another good source serving vitamin D. A 3 ounce of tuna can offer you 39% daily consumption of vitamin D. 

9.  Oats- Looking for food for strong bones that also tastes delicious? Get oats that are rich in protein and fibres to help strengthen your body.  Half a cup of oats offers the consumer’s 6 grams of protein and 4 grams fibre along with other essential minerals like folate, zinc, and phosphorus. Oats can be utilized in different food recipes and enjoy their taste. 

10.  Orange juice- a fortified glass of orange juice contains essential nutrients like Calcium and vitamin D. It also contains ascorbic acid, which aids in absorbing extra calcium.

BioFlex Laser Therapy for Strengthening Weak Bones and Muscles

The low-intensity laser therapy directly stimulates the bone cells, where it accelerates the repair and improves healing. LLT is absorbed within the cells, where it triggers a cascade of physiological reactions and stimulates ATP production. 

It also enhances vasodilation, which in turn results in the stimulation of osteoblasts by increasing BMP-2 or bone morphogenic protein. This BMP also enhances the formation of osteonectin, osteocalcin, and collagen. The use of LLT results in improved mineralization processes through BMP and IGF-1 production.

Low bone density in patients with conditions such as osteoporosis can be improved through the use of laser therapy.


Other than the aforementioned foods that make your bones strong, you need to consume vitamin D from sun exposure or consume vitamin D supplements. People who are at increased risk to suffer from weak bones and muscles include; housebound people, people who cover themselves completely while going outdoors, people who restrict their daily activities, women after menopause, older people, and others. 

You can also enhance the effectiveness of bones through low-level laser therapy if you are suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis, or rickets. Choose laser treatment in Pakistan that serves as the perfect therapeutic measure for arthritis treatment in Pakistan, along with other bone disorders.


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