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Best Sitting Position For Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain can make it impossible for you to sit for long, or even for a few minutes with ease. If you’re going through this then read below to know YOUR best sitting position for sciatica pain. 

Each body is different. So, you need to find your best position to reduce sciatica pain. Yet, you should follow a few guidelines that are advised by experts to reduce the pressure on sciatic pain and thus alleviate the pain. 

Let’s jump right into the best sitting position for sciatica pain so that you can work with ease.  

Why is sitting with sciatica so painful? 

Sciatica pain occurs when the body’s largest nerve, the sciatic nerve, is under pressure due to muscle or joint problems. Although there might be other reasons. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower spine to the toes. 

When you sit, your upper body causes even more pressure on the lower body, causing added pressure on the sciatica. This results in aggravated pain. Sometimes, it feels impossible to sit comfortably. 

Best sitting position for sciatica pain 

Sometimes you can’t sit comfortably as the sciatic nerve gets picked between your muscles (hamstring muscles) and bones. This results in Hamstring Syndrome. So, you have to find the best position to avoid pinching your sciatic nerve because this can cause chronic pain that lasts for years. 

  • Always sit straight on the chair. Don’t bend forward. If you find it difficult to sit straight due to the chair’s structure, try using a back cushion. 
  • Don’t sit in a cross-legged fashion. 
  • Always lie your feet flat on the floor. Don’t sit on your toes but make sure your feet touch the ground as well.
  • Align your knees and hips properly. Your knees should be lower than the hips. 
  • Don’t tilt to one side. Always sit in the middle of the chair. 
  • Find an ergonomic chair that’s flexible and adjusts with your body structure. This chair supports your spine and helps you sit comfortably. An ergonomic chair reduces sciatic pain to a great deal. 
  • Don’t sit for long. Try to stand up and walk a few steps after every 20 to 30 minutes. The duration depends upon how much pain you feel while sitting. 

Best way to sit at a desk with sciatica 

If you have work that needs you to sit on the chair in front of the desk for long then you should try to find the best sitting position. 

For this, make sure you have enough room for your legs to settle straight. Put your chair at a distance from the desk so that you can sit straight without touching your legs with the table. Because the table pressure can cause or aggravate sciatic pain. 

Again, use an ergonomic chair to avoid the pain that can happen due to the wrong posture. 

How to sit in a car with sciatica? 

While sitting in the car, make sure you sit in the middle of the seat and don’t settle in the corner. Because it can add pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

Move a bit by lifting your hips alternatively and moving them a bit to relieve pressure. 

Always use back support to sit straight on the car seat. 

Adjustable bed position for sciatica to sit easily 

If you’re using an adjustable bed and want to sit, then ask your caretaker to adjust the bed position in a way that your back is upright. 

Lying with your back tilted can aggravate the pain. While sitting on an adjustable bed, try to keep your legs on the floor (just like you sit on a chair). 

Sciatic Pain Treatment

The treatment of sciatic pain depends upon the root cause. If the root cause isn’t known then sciatic pain only goes away for a few hours by taking painkillers. 

Exercises to relieve sciatica nerve pain 

Nerve flossing is a great way to reduce sciatic pain while sitting. This includes light stretching exercises that help release pressure on the sciatic nerve and improve mobility as well. 

You can try yoga and body stretch to ease the pain. Consult a physiotherapist who will advise you on a set of exercises based on your condition. 

Laser treatment for sciatica nerve pain 

Laser pain therapy is a proven alternative treatment that’s practised around the world to create various neuromuscular conditions including sciatic pain. 

It’s a painless procedure with zero side effects and is proven to be effective. A few sessions are needed to help alleviate the pain. You should opt for laser pain therapy if nothing seems to be easing the pain. 

If you’re in Pakistan and looking for laser pain therapy for neuropathy then head over to BioFlex Pakistan. It’s a pain management clinic where experienced rheumatologists use laser pain therapy to treat sciatic pain in our patients successfully, backed by their testimonials.

Click here to know more or book your appointment to get rid of sciatica. 

The Bottom Line 

Sciatic pain is caused when the sciatic nerve is pressed or pinched due to muscle, joints, or bone problems. Immense sciatic pain makes it really difficult to sit comfortably even for a few hours. 

Above you will find the best sitting position for sciatica pain along with the treatment options. 


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