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Nerve Flossing Exercises: Median Nerve & More

If you’re suffering from nerve irritation and want to get rid of it non-invasively then you need to hear this: 

You can relieve nerve pain and compression through simple nerve floating exercises. These exercises are recommended by the doctor and you can practice them at home. 

Read below to know what nerve flossing exercises are and how to relieve a few nerve problems like sciatica, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

What is nerve flossing?

Nerve flossing is a type of exercise that helps to relieve a compressed or irritated nerve through neural mobilization exercises. This helps to minimize the symptoms of nerve problems that otherwise cause severe pain and discomfort.

The nerve flossing exercises can be combined with medical treatment to get the best results. You will be able to move your aching body part quite well and even relieve the condition through these exercises. 

How does it work?

When you perform a nerve flossing exercise, targeting a specific body area, then the nerves stimulate and mobilize. As a result, a compressed nerve might get released and you will be able to get rid of nerve compression pain. 

Nerve floating exercises are also great to maintain overall health, increasing mobility, and flexibility.

So, nerve flossing is great too:

  • Get rid of nerve problems such as sciatica and tennis elbow
  • Maintain your overall health 
  • Increase blood flow
  • Increase mobility 
  • Increase flexibility 
  • Improve dexterity 

Nerve flossing exercises

Now that you know what these exercises are, let’s look into several nerve flossing techniques that can help get rid of some of the most common nerve complications that people experience. 

Exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve flossing)

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the compression of nerves (median nerves) in the wrist that causes pain, tingling, and numbness in the hand and fingers which can take months to get better. However, you can follow these hand exercises to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and help speed up the healing process.

Find a chair to sit on that makes your back and head straight. Now bend your elbows at the right angle, while keeping your arms by your side. Face your thumb up and practice following movements for 5 to 19 seconds each: 

  • Make a fist 
  • Extend your fingers along with your thumb and leave no space in between. Keep your wrist straight 
  • Bend your wrist and fingers back 
  • Turn your back so that your plan faces upwards. Keep your wrist back 
  • Stretch your wrist a bit further 
  • Move your thumb further using your other hand

Exercises for sciatica (sciatic nerve flossing)

Sciatica is a nerve that starts from the lower back and ends at your toes. If this nerve is irritated, you will experience pain in the back, legs, and foot.  

Try this exercise to relieve sciatic nerve pain.

  • Lie down straight with head on a small pillow
  • Bend your knees and feet should be flat on the floor
  • Tuck your chin in 
  • Now lift one leg and pull it towards the chest. Stop if you feel a stretch that aches 
  • Now stretch your leg straight and hold for 5 seconds. Breath deeply 
  • Finally, take back your leg to the original position 
  • Repeat this exercise for another leg

Also know how to get rid of sciatica with modern low-level laser therapy, here.

Exercises for tennis elbow (radial nerve flossing)

Tennis elbow is a condition that causes pain in the sides of the elbow. It can happen due to the uniform movement of elbows for a long time. 

Here is one out of many tennis elbow exercises and stretches you can do to relieve pain:

  • Stand up straight 
  • Stretch your arms with the palm facing up
  • Now bend the wrist down while stretching the upper wrist and palm. 
  • Move your head away from the arm as much as you can. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort 
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds and release 
  • Repeat for almost 10 to 15 times 

If you can’t find a fix with at-home solutions for tennis elbow, then try our advanced laser therapy: click here.

What should you feel during nerve flossing

When doing nerve floating exercises, keep an eye on pain. Slight pain and discomfort are OK but if you feel too much pain even after hours of exercise then maybe you’re doing it too aggressively. 

The exercises shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable and painful. If you feel a lot of pain after the exercise then consult your doctor. 

Nerve flossing with laser pain therapy for the best outcome

If you pair nerve flossing exercises with advanced laser pain therapy then you’ll get maximum benefit. You can get better and even get rid of the nerve problems, with no medicines and interventions. But always consult your doctor to choose the best treatment line. 

Click here to know all about laser pain therapy and how it heals various nerve-related illnesses. 

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