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Does drinking water while standing cause knee pain?

Your body is made up of 70% water. That is why it’s essential to sip as much water as you can throughout the day. Water provides essential nutrients and keeps you healthy. But water can be a health hazard if you don’t drink it in the right way. 

So, let’s dig in and know… does drinking water while standing cause knee pain and other health problems? The answer is yes. Read below to find out why, and the health problems that can be associated with drinking water while standing up.

Here’s a fact: You can gain benefits of water only if you drink it in the “right” position. Otherwise, if you drink water while standing, it can cause harm.

So, does drinking water while standing cause knee pain? 

Yes, drinking water while standing can affect your knees and other bones as well. The electrolyte balance disturbs and fluid accumulates in the joints, causing pain. 

So if you’ve heard from your elders that don’t drink water while you’re standing because it can damage your bones then it’s not an old wives tale. Science has proved that drinking water in a standing position doesn’t allow the body to absorb all the nutrients from the water and it does harm.

Scientific reason of how drinking water while standing causes knee pain 

Water nutrients need to be absorbed by the body organs as it passes down while drinking. But if you drink water while standing, it quickly passes down. The nutrients can’t be absorbed and as a result, water can get accumulated in the joints, causing knee pain and other problems. 

If you notice knee pain then the first thing to do is change your lifestyle. Notice how you drink water. If you find yourself sipping the water away while standing then you have to change this habit right away to get rid of knee pain. Otherwise, knee pain can get worse and it will take a lot of time to recover. It’s better to consult your doctor in case you see swelling on the knee along with pain. 

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Other health problems caused when you drink water while standing

Drinking water in a standing position not only causes knee pain but other problems as well. Some of them are:

Can cause arthritis 

When the water flows quickly down the body while you drink it in a standing position, it just accumulates in the joints rather than being digested. In the long run, you might suffer from arthritis

Can cause stomach ulcers

The pressure of water increases a lot when you drink it while standing. This pressure can damage the stomach walls, causing ulcers. 

Impacts kidney functions 

The kidney can’t filtrate the water that’s running too fast. As a result, the impurities can get accumulated in the kidney and other body organs. 

Causes heartburn 

When the water gushes down fastly along the esophagus, the sphincter muscle can get damaged. The sphincter is a septum between the stomach and esophagus. As a result, the acid from your stomach refluxes upwards causing heartburn. 

Bone degeneration 

The bones get damaged as water flows down quickly and accumulates in the joints. 

Impact on the nervous system 

Your nerves can get stressed when you drink water while standing as it causes pressure on the nervous system as well. 

Your thirst wouldn’t get quenched 

Last but not the least, you wouldn’t be fulfilled while drinking water while standing. Your body doesn’t get enough time to digest water and quench your thirst. 

What is the best position to drink water? 

Did you know you can get some amount of calcium from drinking water as well to meet your overall calcium requirements? Other than that, water has other trace minerals as well. Water itself should be absorbed by the body cells to keep functioning properly. 

So how to get the maximum benefit from drinking water? Always drink water while you sit and relax your body. Sip the water slowly instead of gulping it. Take a few breaths while drinking water to allow your body to absorb all the nourishment well.

The Bottom Line

Is it a myth or does drinking water while standing cause knee pain, actually? Drinking water while standing can cause knee pain. When you drink water while standing, it gushes down the body, without giving time to your organs to absorb essential nutrients from it. You also disturb the electrolyte balance in your body and this can cause fluid accumulation in joints, causing joint pain, knee pain, and even arthritis. 

So to gain maximum benefits from water, you don’t only have to drink 8 to 22 glasses of it but you have to drink it slowly while sitting so that your body can attain its full benefits.


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