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How To Get Rid Of Back Pain After C-Section

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain After C-section

Read below to know all the possible causes along with proven home remedies, medical treatments, and alternative treatments to get rid of back pain after a c-section.

You might have struggled with backaches throughout the pregnancy due to carrying the baby and going through a lot of body changes—in the hope that all this back pain will vanish after the delivery of your tiny one. 

But here’s the fact: 

Most women, especially those who undergo cesarean delivery, experience back pain after their c-section. If you don’t take care of your back pain sooner, it might halt your daily activities, causing severe distress for you and your newborn. 

So what’s the solution? Read below to find out.

C-section Delivery – What causes back pain?

Let’s look into various causes that can ache your back for days, weeks, and months to come after the delivery:

Physique changes 

This includes the weight gain and shift in the balance of the body. 

The weight gain puts immense pressure on your spine and that makes it hurt even after you have delivered. 

The spine acts as the central balance of your body. But when you’re carrying a baby in the front, it causes a shift in the balance, causing pain in your back. The shift in balance causes pressure on the spine. 

This back pain usually goes away as soon as you start losing weight and getting back into your shape. And it takes some weeks and even months. 

So give your body some time and meanwhile refrain from the activities that worsen your back pain. 

Hormonal changes 

During the pregnancy, your body prepares itself for pushing the baby out by releasing a hormone called “relaxin”. As the name indicates, it relaxes the ligaments and joints of the body for delivery. 

Even if you end up with a c-section delivery, the hormone loses the ligaments and joints. This makes the back vulnerable to pain even after a slight bend and wrong posture.  

This back pain usually goes away after a few weeks once the body starts getting back into its original form and muscles start strengthening. 

Wrong posture 

The wrong posture causes the back to hurt because the body has already been through much. And now when you bend forward, sit with an arched back, and lie down uncomfortably then this can cause back pain. 

You should always be very conscious of your posture after delivery. With a c-section scar, it’s difficult to maintain the right posture at all times. So, it’s better to take as much rest as possible and don’t move unnecessarily.

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Carrying your newborn can also affect your posture. So, it’s better to carry your little one for just a while and try to keep him in a cot or car seat when traveling. 

Anesthesia before surgery 

For a cesarean, the doctor uses either epidural or spinal block to anesthetize the lower part of the body. 

The anesthesia can cause muscle spasms in the spinal region, making your backache after the surgery. 

This back pain related to epidurals is common and it goes away with proper care of treatment. Negligence can make the pain worse.

Serious complications (such as paralysis) due to epidurals are extremely rare, and do not cause permanent back pain.


The position of your body while breastfeeding, especially right after the delivery, matters a lot. You should feed your baby in a comfortable position with a pillow underneath your elbow and make sure your neck remains straight. Your shoulders shouldn’t shrug below or above. 

So, try not to see your baby again and again while feeding as it adds stress on your neck and shoulders, causing back pain. Be relaxed and use a feeding pillow to make sure you and your little one are in a comfortable position. 

Types of back pains you might experience after a C-section 

Tailbone pain after C-section 

Your tailbone (coccyx) might get hurt due to the pressure caused during labor. Even with a c-section, you might end up with pain in the coccyx due to contractions and pressure before the surgery. 

This pain on the tailbone usually goes away within 2 months. But if the tailbone is fractured due to immense pressure during pushing, this can take longer. 

You can try sitting on a donut-shaped pillow and avoid sitting straight on the chair. You’ll find that moving around helps. Try to take a walk. Apply ice on the tailbone to reduce inflammation. 

You should take over-the-counter painkillers if the pain subsides. Talk to your doctor if you feel like the coccyx is fractured, which is by the way a rare case. 

Lower back and hip pain after C-section

Lower back pain and hip pain after C-section are very normal but not to be taken lightly. The pain occurs due to severe muscular strain, retention of intravenous fluids that are administered during the surgery, or nerve damage.

This pain goes away after 2 to 3 weeks, with proper care and treatment

Back and leg pain after C-section

Your legs can also hurt along with your back and this mainly happens due to muscle spasms. 

You should rest and relax as much as you can. Try a massage that will release the spasm and make you feel relaxed. 

Leg pain can also occur due to nerve damage. You should ask your doctor for advice in case the pain is followed by numbness. 

Upper back pain after C-section

The shift in the center of balance due to pregnancy can cause your upper back to hurt as well. 

Your spine bears added pressure and this can cause back pain. You should follow homecare and take lots of rest to recover from upper back pain. 

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Back pain after spinal anesthesia for C-section

Spinal block or epidural can cause back pain due to muscle spasms as discussed above (see the causes of back pain).

Is back pain normal after C-section? 

Yes. Back pain after a c-section (and even after vaginal delivery) is common. 

Studies have shown that surgery causes back pain that usually goes away after six months, with proper care and treatment (if required). 

That said, even if it’s normal, ignoring your back pain can change it into a nerve-wracking, chronic condition that lasts for years. 

That’s why, it’s vital to follow a home care routine along with therapy and medications, as per your doctor’s advice. 

C-section back pain – How to recover?   

Traditional treatment 

You should follow the guidelines given by your OB for a few weeks religiously. These guidelines help you cope up with the back pain and strengthen your body after the tedious labor and delivery process. 

Some of the ways to get rid of your back pain after a C-section are: 

  • Keep your posture straight. Don’t bend forward or lean towards the sides. Sit straight and try to lie down properly with your neck, shoulders, and back relaxed. 
  • Avoid holding your newborn too much. Yes. Even if the baby weighs a few pounds, holding them in your arms can cause stress on your back. 
  • Avoid lifting things or dragging anything. You should ask for help in case you need something to be done. 
  • Take a warm bath. Warm water relaxes your body muscles and increases blood flow. It also reduces pain and inflammation. You can also try a hot pack if taking shower isn’t feasible. Just apply a hot pack on your back for 15 to 20 minutes after every couple of hours. 
  • Massage is a great way to relax your body and get relief from muscular spasms. You should hire a professional to get your massage done for the best results. 
  • Take OTC (over-the-counter) painkillers that will help you get rid of pain quickly. 
  • Go for physical therapy sessions to feel better quickly. Don’t forget to ask your doctor first as to when your body is ready for exercise and physical exertion. 

If the above-mentioned remedies don’t seem to work and you feel like the pain isn’t going away then don’t hesitate to call your doctor. 

See your doctor immediately if you experience: 

  • Fever 
  • Numbness in the back
  • Numbness in the legs 
  • Severe pain that doesn’t allow you to move at all

Alternative treatment through Laser Pain Therapy 

The low-intensity laser beam has been proven to be an effective treatment for pain and inflammation. Studies have shown that cold lasers stimulate the body’s natural defense and recovery mechanism. 

There are more than 4000 studies that have shown how many patients suffering from neuromuscular pains recovered with laser pain therapy, without any medications. 

So, you can successfully get rid of back pain after a c-section with low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

But you should be mindful of where to go for proper treatment. The treatment should be done by an expert rheumatologist with advanced laser techniques and qualified staff. 

If you’re looking for a pain management clinic in Pakistan that has many case studies of how patients got recovered then BioFlex Pakistan is your answer. Here, we have experienced rheumatologists and well-qualified staff who will guide you through the treatment. 

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The procedure of laser pain therapy for C-section back pain 

The doctor will examine you and suggest a few sessions in which your back will be exposed to safe cold lasers. 

The whole procedure is painless and comfortable. You just have to lie down and get your treatment done. 

No medicine is required during or after the treatment. Also, no long-term side effects have been reported yet. 

The procedure and number of sessions depend upon the intensity and region of pain. 

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The Bottom Line 

Back pain after a c-section is common but can be really problematic. If you don’t take care of it as soon as it appears then you might suffer from chronic back pain that lasts for months and years. 
Read above to know all the possible treatment options along with some home remedies on how to get rid of back pain after a c-section. Follow a proper treatment line if you feel that the pain isn’t subsiding. With proper care and treatment, you will soon be able to get rid of the back pain and enjoy your newborn to the fullest.


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