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Best Tenosynovitis Treatment in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar

It is mainly the inflammation of the sheath that is filled in with the fluid. It is present around a tendon. It results in extreme joint pain and swelling. It is characterized as infectious tenosynovitis or non-infectious tenosynovitis. 

tenosynovitis is an extremely painful condition in which tendons of the muscles cause immense pain. Usually tendons of thumb & wrist sides are at high risk of developing tenosynovitis. The pain it causes is unbearable but it can be easily treated with cold laser therapy at BioFlex in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar.

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What is Tenosynovitis?

It is a medical disorder in which sheath around the tendons get inflamed and causes extreme pain as a result. The pain often increases as you turn your wrist around or try to grasp something or opt to make a fist. 

It is a disease whose cause is still not known but it refers to the imbalanced and repetitive movement of the hand muscles and wrist joints. If tenosynovitis is left untreated for a long period of time the thumb extends to the nearby parts mainly the thumb. Then even moving the thumb can increase the pain.

Types of Tenosynovitis

Tenosynovitis is basically a disorder which causes the dysfunction of tendons in the muscles. Usually mid-aged people are more likely to be affected by the tenosynovitis. It is the result of uncontrolled strain on the muscles. It further has the following two types:

Stenosing Tenosynovitis

It is a type of tenosynovitis that mainly affects the fingers. Third finger, fourth finger & thumb are most suspitable of developing stenosing tenosynovitis. It affects a single finger initially and can spread to the rest of the fingers at the same time. It is caused by limited swelling of “flexor tendons” of the hand.

De Quervain Tenosynovitis

It is the inflammation of the tendons beside the hand usually at the base of the thumb. It is a common disorder that can be caused by localised movement of the tendons. Sufferers mainly encounter the pain at the base of  the thumb.

Causes of Tenosynovitis

Tendons are fibers or “robe like structures” that perform the task of joining bone with the muscles. When we do some activity the smooth muscles in tendons and lower thumb slide over each other through a tunnel-like structure connecting the base of the thumb. 

Improper or repeated movements can cause the inflammation of the tendons.

 The cause behind the tenosynovitis are listed ahead:

  • Constant movement of wrist
  • Improper movement of the wrist
  • Constant grasping
  • Direct injury to the wrist
  • Injured tendon
  • Tissue scar
  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Signs and symptoms of the tenosynovitis

Symptoms of the injured or inflamed tendon are mentioned below:

  • Hurting thumb base
  • Swollen thumb base
  • Difficulty in thumb movement R
  • estricted thumb mobility
  • Sticking sensation in the thumb
  • Ticking noise in the thumb

Treatment of Tenosynovitis

Tenosynovitis causes immense pain in the thumb and connected area due to the inflammation and infection of the fluid filled sheath around the tendons that connects the muscles to the bones. It causes immobility of the hands and hustles the simple routine activities. 

BioFlex Pakistan has introduced a magical treatment of tenosynovitis through a very sophisticated and effective cold laser technology. The services we offer are unchallengeable and practiced in  more than 52 countries around the globe. We speed up the process of healing and contribute  a lot in the recovery of infected regions.

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