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Best Multivitamin For Diabetes In Pakistan

Best Multivitamin For Diabetes In Pakistan

Diabetes is a lifelong illness that can change your lifestyle and make you dependent on medications and regular treatment. Your body doesn’t get the nutrition that’s necessary for your well-being. 

So, does this mean that you need multivitamins in case you have diabetes? or do multivitamins really help to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes?

According to the American Diabetic Association, multivitamins don’t make your diabetes easy. This means that multivitamins will not control your blood sugar level or minimize your symptoms whatsoever. 

But multivitamins will surely make you feel healthy and active throughout the day. Keep reading for a top 5 list of the best multivitamins for diabetes in Pakistan.

What are the most important vitamins for Diabetics?

Diabetic patients do not have optimum levels of Vitamin C in their bodies. So, taking a Vitamin C supplement will compensate and help you get the nutrients in optimum amounts. Similarly, Folic acid, Vitamin D and Vitamin E also help you feel active and energetic. 

Keep in mind that you should always seek advice from your doctor before starting any multivitamin on a daily basis. 

If you are planning to start multivitamins but can’t decide which one then read further. Here you will come to know about the best multivitamin for diabetes in Pakistan.


Glucofactor contains vitamins that help strengthen the immune system and thus help fight various illnesses. It also maintains healthy blood sugar levels and helps you regain vitality. 

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Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha-Lipoic acid is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the body. So, this multivitamin will help you fight diseases and keep your immune system strong. 

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Diabetex Multivitamins 

It’s a plant-based multivitamin formula that helps maintain blood sugar levels and healthy insulin metabolism. It also helps regain energy and keep you active. 

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Vidaylin is a formula containing 7 minerals along with vitamins to keep you active, energetic, and help fight illnesses. 

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Completia Multivitamins

It’s a daily support multivitamin with minerals that help maintain optimum blood sugar levels, and keep you away from illnesses. 

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Laser Pain Therapy – Alternative treatment for diabetes 

Laser therapy is used around the world to control the symptoms of diabetes successfully. Again, the success of the treatment depends upon the severity of the illness. 

Laser therapy or low-level laser therapy has no side effects and is proven to be effective. That’s why you can give it a shot, but after consulting your own doctor first. 

Studies have shown that the laser beam controls blood sugar levels and thus reduces the symptoms of Diabetes II.    

In Pakistan, we have a modern pain management clinic – BioFlex Pakistan in various cities that uses a safe laser beam to control blood sugar levels. Various success stories confirm the effectiveness of this treatment. 

Want to know more? Click here.


According to the American Diabetic Association, multivitamins do not affect controlling diabetes symptoms. But you can take multivitamins to replenish your nutrients, be active, and live a healthy life. 

Above are the best multivitamins for diabetes in Pakistan. You can also opt for low-level laser therapy to control the symptoms effectively.

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