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Diabetic Foot Problem: Symptoms, Treatment and Foot Care

Before we go into the details of diabetic foot problems, let’s have a look at what is diabetes. It is a type of disease which results in low sensitivity against insulin or results in faulty production of insulin. Insulin
aids in absorbing sugar within the blood to utilize energy. However, during this condition hormone works ineffectively leading to increased blood sugar levels. If blood has higher sugar levels for longer period it has adverse impact on extremities like feet and hands.


Now how does diabetes result in foot problems? Diabetic patients more commonly suffer from foot problems. The increased blood sugar levels result in foot problems within diabetic patients. The two most common foot problems in diabetic patients include Diabetic neuropathy and Peripheral vascular disease.


It is a type of condition which eventually results in nerve damage leading to numbness of the feet. The diabetes symptoms in such patients include difficulty to feel sensations within the extremities. Other diabetes symptoms in such patients include difficulty to feel irritation, foot infection, and soreness. These people are unable to identify the feel of rubbing shoes. They have no sensations which can result in increased chances of sores, blisters, and cuts. Most of the diabetic patients who do not seek sugar
treatment in Pakistan suffer from ulcers, infections and ultimately gangrene. This further results in amputation. Diabetic doctors in Pakistan and all around the world suggest amputation for patients who develop gangrene.


Diabetes is a condition which alters the physiology of blood vessels especially arteries. In peripheral vascular disease, there is a deposition of fats within the vessels leading to blockage. It mainly involves the blood vessels of heart and brain. The blockage of blood vessels results in less blood flow toward extremities i.e. foot and hands. The diabetes symptoms in such patients include slow healing of wounds, infection and painful lesions. The diabetic doctors in Pakistan suggest amputation for patients who suffer from severe infections.


The symptoms of diabetic patients with foot problems vary from person to person which includes:

  1. Loss of sensations
  2. Tingling or itchy feel
  3. Numbness
  4. Discoloration of the skin
  5. Temperature changes
  6. Wounds or blisters without any pain
  7. Wounds that have no or slight amount of drainage
  8. Red Streaks
  9. Staining over the socks
  10. Painful tingling sensation
    During foot infection, diabetic patients suffer from:
  11. Chills, fever, uncontrolled blood sugar levels, shock or redness


The treatment for diabetic foot problems vary depending on the severity of condition. Diabetic doctors in Pakistan offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatment options for patients.


Non-surgical treatment methods include:

  • Cleaning the wounds and dress them on regular basis
  • Observe the foot for gangrene till the time of self-amputation where toes fall down because of the reduced blood flow
  • Try to wear immobilization devices example, total contact cast or cast boot


Diabetic doctors in Pakistan offer the following surgical options for patients with non-healing foot problems:

  • Removal of the dead or decaying tissues
  • Stabilizing the Charcot’s foot with surgery
  • Amputation which ranges between foot sectioning or single toe amputation and amputation below the knee or above the knee
  • Endovascular surgery where stents i.e. small device for keeping the blood vessels patent
  • Arterial bypass in patients with peripheral vascular disease that improves blood flow to the affected area


Diabetic patients lack foot care when considering sugar treatment in Pakistan that results in severe foot problems. For a diabetic patient, it is essential to maintain a healthy foot and be vigilant regarding foot hygiene. Perform the following steps to achieve proper foot care:

  • Examine any signs of wounds or injuries over the feet daily.
  • Clean your feet daily to avoid any infections or painful lesions.
  • Prevent your feet against infections and wear socks and supportive shoes. Diabetic doctors in Pakistan also suggest special shoes for such patients in order to prevent deformities. Avoid wearing tight socks as it might reduce the blood flow.
  • Try keeping your feet in an upright position to promote blood flow. Wiggle your toes periodically to enhance the blood flow. Perform feet exercises to increase blood flow.
  • Trim down your toenails and keep them short to avoid fungal infections.
  • Avoid shaving bunions and corns deeply as it might lead to foot infections.
  • Avoid exposing your feet to extreme temperatures as it might damage your feet.
  • Visit your doctors regularly to prevent yourself against foot infections.
  • Control the blood sugar levels to avoid any complications.
  • Avoid smoking as it affects the blood flow level towards the tissues that might worsen the foot problems in diabetic patients.


Bio flex offers sugar patients in Pakistan with laser therapy LILT. The therapy is based on light technology. It is an effective treatment for diabetic patients suffering from slow wound healing. The laser therapy is non-toxic, non-invasive and highly beneficial as sugar treatment in Pakistan. This laser therapy helps in stimulating the immune system of the patients. It also aids in reducing inflammation and enhances the natural healing mechanism.

The purpose of the BioFlex laser therapy is to promote effective and stable end results. These lasers are flexible enough to contour the anatomical configurations of the affected area in diabetic patients. The wavelengths of this laser therapy do not result in the production of ionizing radiations. This therapy does not result in any DNA or tissue damage. There are no such contraindications of this therapy. It is therefore advised as a perfect treatment option for diabetic foot problems. The laser therapy is safe for
patients with epilepsy, pacemakers or prosthetic devices.

Get yourself appointed for the bestBio flex laser surgeries in Pakistan.


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