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Do you know back pain and spinal disorders cause 264 million lost work days per year?
Considering how much quality of life is affected by back pain, the negligible therapeutic methods are really a matter of distress for everyone.

However, cold laser therapy has yet again proved itself to be miraculous in helping you get rid of back pain permanently. Whether you are suffering from minor back pain or a complicated herniated disc, with cold laser therapy you can get you back on your feet faster than ever. With its accelerated connective tissue repair and anti-inflammatory properties, you can get instant relief.

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We provide our best laser services for multiple spinal and back problems. Here are some of the common disorders that can be treated with our exclusive low-level laser technology.

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Easy two-step treatment process

Our patented range of flexible treatment arrays feature superluminous diodes that deliver red light followed sequentially by infrared light.
The application of red and/or infrared laser probes completes the therapeutic process.

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BioFlex laser therapy is a Canadian technology. Founded by Dr. Fred Kahn on the ideation of developing a revolutionizing remedy for a plethora of medical conditions, BioFlex has emerged as the therapeutic treatment within reach of everyone.
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