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Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment 

Repetitive stress injuries are the development of muscle damage and nerves due to repetitive periodic motions. They are very common and can result from a number of different activities( such as typing & grasping tools etc.). 

Repetitive stress injuries can harm any mobile part of the body. Stress and monotony usually plays a vital role in worsening the symptoms. There are various kinds of these injuries also there are a huge number of treatments and preventions to get rid of it. 


The term “Repetitive Stress Injuries” can relate to a number of different issues associated with repetitive movements of muscles and tendons of a particular area. Repeated motions in one particular part of the body can even affect the muscles present in another part. 

BioFlex Pakistan is offering an outstanding and most effective treatment of Repetitive Stress Injuries and many more medical disorders. These diseases are the most annoying ones because they limit the movement of people and make it difficult for patients to live normal lives.

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There are various types of Repetitive Stress Injuries. Which may include:

Rotator Cuff Disease

The rotator cuff is the bunch of muscles & tendons present around the shoulder joint whereas the rotator cuff injury refers to the condition in which dull ache occurs in the shoulder joint. This causes immense pain which worsens when the involved side is used or stressed.

Tennis Elbow

It is an extreme pain-causing condition which results due to excess load on the elbow tendons. Repeated motion of the “wrist & arm” can easily cause tennis elbow. Plumbers, carpenters and painters are the people who are at high risk of developing it.

Frozen Shoulder

It is a medical condition that largely affects the shoulder joint. It is mainly associated with pain and stiffness that gradually develops then worsens and eventually goes away. This takes the duration up to 3 long years. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is a very common medical disease which leads to numbness, pain & tingling in the “arms & hands”. This condition is caused by a situation in which the median nerve is squeezed or compressed while it travels through the area of the wrist. 

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