Diabetic Wound & Dermal Ulcers

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Dermal ulcers and wounds are one of the most dreadful complications of Diabetes Mellitus that can even result in amputation of the affected body part. Due to defective growth factors in diabetes, minor wounds can become chronic, non-healing, and extremely painful ulcers. These progressive ulcers can also cause limb loss.

Laser therapy has emerged as a revolutionizing treatment that has shown positive outcomes in thousands of cases. This clinically certified method works by bio-stimulating molecules in the cells to promote wound healing.

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Our patented range of flexible treatment arrays feature superluminous diodes that deliver red light followed sequentially by infrared light.
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The application of red and/or infrared laser probes completes the therapeutic process.

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BioFlex laser therapy is a Canadian technology. Founded by Dr. Fred Kahn on the ideation of developing a revolutionizing remedy for a plethora of medical conditions, BioFlex has emerged as the therapeutic treatment within reach of everyone.
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Diabetic Wound & Dermal Ulcers
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BioFlex have best diabetes doctor in Islamabad, Karachi & Peshawar Pakistan. Our technology can help you to heal any diabetic wound and dermal ulcers with care.