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Top 10 Treatments at BioFlex Pakistan

Bioflex has over 2000 clinics all over the globe where it has been treating millions of people for several conditions making them confident enough in all phases of life. There is a wide spectrum of diseases that are treated with Bioflex laser therapy ranging from extreme wounds, sports injuries, degenerative disorders, and back pain, muscle spasms, musculoskeletal disorders like muscle pain, knee pain, joint pain, gout, and many others.

This latest Canadian technology is a low-laser therapy that aids in treating the medical conditions without any major adverse effects when compared to the pharmaceutical measures. Within a short period, Bioflex laser therapy has established clinics for laser treatment in Karachi, Peshawar, and Islamabad. So before jumping onto the top 5 treatments at Bioflex Pakistan let’s dive in to find out what is cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a low-intensity laser therapy that utilizes the super luminous diodes over the affected tissues. This aids in accelerating the healing process within the diseased tissues. The laser therapy is practically used by chiropractors, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists and medical professionals all over the globe to relieve the pain in patients suffering from various diseases. The top 5 treatments at Bioflex Pakistan include:


Bioflex laser therapy is one of the effective solutions for treating knee pain. It is a non-toxic, non-invasive procedure that helps in relieving knee pain in patients who regularly suffer from such crucial pain. This light-based laser technology is an effective procedure for relieving the musculoskeletal condition. It offers rapid healing at the cellular level and aids in relieving the knee pain which might occur due to injuries, mechanical issues, arthritis or others. It is a perfect treatment option without any major side effects when compared to other pharmaceutical measures.


Back conditions are common in our society so visit the laser clinics in Islamabad, Karachi or Peshawar and get yourself treated by laser therapy for the debilitating pain. The back pain severely impacts the daily activities in our routine and makes us bound to the bed. The pharmaceutical measures which are usually prescribed by the doctor pose severe adverse effects over the body due to which people prefer Bioflex laser therapy for treating the back and spinal disorders. It helps in healing the diseased tissues and aids in repairing.


Lumbar pain involves the lower back pain which might include different conditions like disc herniation, spinal stenosis, degenerative osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, and others. Bioflex laser treatment is the two steps simple process where the red light is applied with the help of superluminous diodes over the affected areas followed by the application of infrared light. The application of laser probes activates the series of physiological reactions within the body where it aids in relieving the pain.


Cervical pain is very painful and it interrupts our daily activity. Lasers are an effective therapeutic procedure that aids in relieving this musculoskeletal condition. The pain sensation during this condition is dull and slightly aching. Cervical pain feels tender, results in muscle spasms, lightheadedness, tingling sensation, and headaches. Several causes result in cervical pain such as different medical conditions, neck injuries, muscle involvement, infectious diseases, over usage, contact sports, accidents, bone spurs or others. Whatever the cause is for cervical pain, Bioflex laser therapy serves as the perfect choice for treating it in a non-invasive way.

The lasers penetrate within the inflamed tissues and promote the growth of new cells, enhances the healing proves through angiogenesis, enhances the collagen levels within the affected areas and results in rapid healing.


Low-level laser therapy has been seen to treat several headaches including migraines which are triggered by genetic, hormonal, neurological, emotional or environmental factors. There are 4-5 million people around the world who suffer from migraine pain which prevents us to perform routine activities. Cold laser therapy is highly effective for relieving the migraine headaches where it increases the local circulation around the brain tissues. It enhances the serotonin levels within the blood, it releases the endogenous opioids within the body which can relieve pain and it alters the levels of cholinesterase which is required for the normal functioning of the nervous system. It helps in healing the chronic headaches which are seen with migraines. 


The use of cold laser therapy is highly effective in treating diabetic wounds or dermal ulcers. These wounds are resistant against usual pharmaceutical measures due to which Bioflex seems an effective and useful tool to treat the dermal ulcers and diabetic wounds. The use of the latest laser technology is effective for treating wounds that are secondary to surgical procedures, traumatic injuries or compression. Laser therapy promotes wound healing with the help of epithelization, enhances arterial perfusion and promotes regeneration of the localized tissues which surround the diseased site.


The laser therapy is effective for treating soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, arthritis, and back pain along with other disorders.  The laser therapy promotes rapid cellular healing with the regeneration of new cells, elastin, and collagen. When you attend 15-25 sessions of laser therapy in the latest clinics of Pakistan, you’ll eventually feel completely recovered and pain-free. The laser therapy promotes an anti-inflammatory response within the body where it aids in resolving pain and leads to complete healing. The laser therapy reduces pain within the body by promoting the formation of collagen, elastin, chondroblasts and muscle cells. These physiological reactions aid in the healing process. 


The latest Laser technology launched in Pakistan works effectively for treating dermatological issues which are commonly seen in our country like psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermatitis, and others. The laser diodes are applied over the superficial layer of the skin where it enhances the production of elastin and collagen fibers leading to the regeneration of new cells within the dead skin layer. The use of laser therapy promotes an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the inflammatory markers within the body.


Low-intensity laser therapy is an effective source for treating disorders like Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. The use of laser aids in relieving the conditions when the diode is applied over the diseased tissues. The light energy turns into photons and reaches the affected tissues where it activates the formation of ATP within the mitochondria. The laser therapy enhances the anti-inflammatory response within the body and offers repair of the diseased tissues. The laser therapy and certain strengthening exercises with physiotherapy help in restoring joint mobility with a perfect range of motion. 


Arthritis is commonly seen in Pakistan and other countries all over the globe. It is an inflammatory disorder that results in severe pain, aches, swelling, stiffness, redness and other symptoms. Many studies conclude the use of laser therapy as an effective therapeutic tool where it inhibits the release of prostaglandins and bradykinins. Laser treatment enhances the range of motion, increases the function of joints, grip strength and reduces swelling with few sessions of laser therapy.

There are several other conditions for which Bioflex laser therapy is used like carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, neurological conditions, and many others. The major effects within the body with laser therapy include angiogenesis, promotion of ATP formation, enhances the regeneration of collagen, elastin along with the formation of new cells within the diseased tissues.

Bioflex laser therapy proves to be 99% effective for treating medical conditions. When compared to conventional pharmaceutical measures, the use of laser therapy poses mild side effects. It is a non-invasive tool where no surgical incision is needed. The laser therapy offers an anti-inflammatory effect with the stimulation of Cytochrome C along with the fall in oxidative stress reactions.

You can book the laser therapy for both acute as well as chronic conditions. The best part about laser therapy is that it promotes rapid healing without any major side effects. It is a non-thermal and non-toxic procedure that can be simply utilized by booking an appointment with the expert clinics in Pakistan present in huge cities like Karachi, Peshawar, and Islamabad. It is a safe and effective procedure with 99% efficacy for most diseases.

On average you need 12-25 sessions for complete relief against the disease. The time duration for each session is around 15-60 minutes depending on the severity of the condition. This revolutionary procedure has outstanding results and is creating major awareness through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others. Book your appointment now by calling Bioflex Pakistan at the toll-free number 0800- 52737 or visit the website to book your appointment through a single click.

For further queries contact our dedicated team members who are always present to answer your questions.

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