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Tennis Elbow Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & Exercises for Quick Relief

Have you ever heard of a tennis elbow? You might have experienced it but you might not have heard this term. It is the inflammation of the tendons which help in joining the forearm muscles to the outer side of the elbow. Tennis elbow is experienced due to over usage of the tendons and forearm muscles joining the elbow joint. Lateral epicondylitis and lateral elbow pain are different terms that are also used for tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is commonly experienced by tennis players due to the over usage of muscles or incorrect use of wrist joint but it can be experienced by anyone. Tennis elbow is commonly seen in patients aged between 30-55 years and affects around 1-10% of the population worldwide.


The symptoms of tennis elbow include recurring pain over the outer surface of the upper forearm i.e. just underneath the elbow. Pain and tenderness might involve the entire hand ranging from the elbow, arm and affecting the wrist.

You might feel pain to perform basic functions like gripping a bottle, writing down something or picking up small objects. You might feel pain in extending the arm and perform functions like opening the door or while you twist the forearm.


The causes of tennis elbow include:

  • Repetitive incorrect arm movements which can result in small tears in the tendon that attaches the elbow. For instance in cricket, repetitive use of the arm to perform batting or repetitive incorrect use of the arm to play tennis while hitting the ball with a racquet. 
  • Use of incorrect technique to swing the ball in cricket or hit the ball with the racquet during tennis. Swinging incorrectly can result in wrist movement rather than the shoulder or elbow joint leading to pressure buildup over the tendons and ultimately tissue irritation and inflammation. The tendon breakdown can result in painful extensor muscles which help in straightening the wrist.
  • Tennis elbow can occur due to finger or wrist extension such as while snapping or flicking the wrist. In such movements, tennis elbow might occur.
  • Other than these athletic activities, tennis elbow can also occur due to regular physical activities that we perform in our everyday lives like cutting objects with scissors or cutting hard foods. Tennis elbow can be experienced during swimming, sporting activities like throw ball, basketball and others, gardening, manual activities like bricklaying, plumbing or typing.


Before the therapeutic plan is advised for a tennis elbow, you can perform a simple home test to assess whether you are suffering from it or not. Pick a chair from the backside with the palms facing downwards if you feel pain on the outer side of the elbow then you are suffering from tennis elbow. Other tests include MRI and XRAY which helps in ruling out severe conditions like elbow joint injury or arthritis. Electromyography tests might also be used to rule the compression of nerves.

There are several treatment options that you can utilize to reduce the severity of the tennis elbow like resting the hand. Taking a break from physical activities that cause pain. Icing the affected area, using anti-inflammatory drugs, massage over the soft tissues, performing stretch exercises along with ultrasound therapy.

Physical therapy is also advised for tennis elbow patients which helps in strengthening their upper arm, shoulders, and muscles of the abdomen. It helps in reducing the wrist extensors which become activated during arm and shoulder movements. Muscle stimulation techniques can also help in relieving the arm muscles.


There is this latest technology in the medical field i.e. Bioflex low-intensity laser therapy which is a non-invasive, non-toxic, safe and effective procedure that aids in enhancing the healing process through activation of cells within the body by absorption of energy.

The LLT aids in improving the blood flow, enhances lymphatic drainage, enhances the production of endorphins along with serotonin which aids in improving pain. It enhances the cellular activity, relieves pain and inflammation, facilitates repair of the tendons and improves the strength of the muscles.

This laser therapy is a Canadian technology which helps in relieving pain without any invasive procedure. For undergoing the Bioflex laser therapy you can contact over the toll-free number and get a free consultation or book appointments with the trained healthcare professionals in Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar. 


Stretching and strengthening exercises using elastics or weights can help in relieving tennis elbow. Perform these simple exercises to relieve the symptoms of tennis elbow:

Wrist turn with or without the use of weights:

Start with bending the elbow at a 90-degree angle. Now extend your hand in the outwards direction with the palm facing upwards. Now gradually twist the wrist till the palm faces downwards. Hold this position for 5-7 seconds. Now repeat it for 9-10 times and complete two sets. If you are using weights then perform it similarly.

Elbow bend:

Stand upright now lower one arm to the side and start bending the arm slowly in upward direction till the hand touches your shoulder. Maintain this position for 20-30 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

Fist squeezes:

For fist squeeze, you can use a tennis ball, a towel or a sock and place it within your palms. Now grip it tightly with the fingers till you create a fist. Squeeze the fist tightly for 10-12 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

Follow these simple exercises and get yourself a low-intensity laser therapy that helps in relieving the painful symptoms of tennis elbow.

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