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Easy Shoulder Stretches You Can Do in Office to Get Relief from Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder pain or frozen shoulder affects the crucial shoulder muscles of our body, including the subclavian, trapezius and deltoid muscles. The shoulder muscles get affected either due to sitting idle at the desk for hours, during screen time, i.e. around 8-10 hours at the workplace or home settings, playing sports like tennis, baseball, cricket or others. Sitting idle for hours or keeping the muscle in stationary posture repetitively can have a disastrous effect on musculoskeletal health, so it’s better to keep moving.

Before we jump onto the shoulder stretches, have a look at what is frozen shoulder? It is also termed as Adhesive capsulitis where the joint becomes painful, stiff and has a limited range of motion in all directions. Shoulder stretches are the critical step in treating frozen shoulder pain. The frozen shoulder occurs due to a diabetic condition, weak immune system, hormonal imbalance or others which results in prolonged joint inflammation.

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There are several easy shoulder’s stretches that you can do in the office to get relief from the frozen shoulder. These stretches alleviate the shoulder pain and make you feel completely relaxed.  Before you perform the shoulder stretches, try taking a warm shower or place a heating pad over the affected area. Have a look at the easy shoulder stretches:


Keep the back straight with chin tucked in. Roll the shoulders in forward, backward, upward or downward direction within the circular motion. Repeat the shoulder rolls ten times and then reverse the steps.


Sit straight in your chair with arms placed at shoulder level and elbows bent at 90-degree angle. Keep the head and torso in a stationary position while slowly moving the arms overhead. Reach the hands towards the ceiling and keep the arms side by side to the ears while slowly moving the hands back to the initial position. You might feel a pull in the mid-back, which helps in relaxing the spine. Repeat the posture 10-12 times.


Perform this exercise when you are free or on break. Relax the shoulders. Stand and lean over slightly while hanging the affected arm. Swing the affected limb in a circle around the foot. Perform it ten times in each direction.


Hold the towel end behind the back and hold the opposite side of the towel with the other hand in a horizontal position.  Try pulling the towel from the affected arm upwards to have a stretch in the affected shoulder. Try doing this 10-20 times each day.


You can perform this stretch while sitting or standing. Use the non-affected arm to hold the affected arm over the elbow. Now bring it over the top and across the body while applying gentle pressure during the stretch over the shoulder. Keep doing this for 10-20 seconds and that too for 10-20 times each day.


Perform this stretch in an isolated place. Sit with back upright. Rotate the head sideways like you are smelling the armpit. Now hold the back of your head with the hand and push the head closer to the armpit. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat on another side. Do it twice on both sides.


Sit with the back straight and tilt the head sideways towards the shoulder. If you want a more extensive stretch, drop the shoulder blade to the opposite side over the floor. Now hold the posture for 10 seconds and repeat it twice on both sides.

Other than these stretches try being active when sitting at the same place. You can walk after every hour at least, swivel on your seat for a while or move side to side while sitting at the same place.


The frozen shoulder results in severe stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. You need to consult the doctor, physiotherapist or a chiropractor to help you in relieving the symptoms. Physical examination is then performed by healthcare professionals to assess the range of motion. The doctor asks you to perform specific shoulder movements to measure the range of shoulder movement. The doctor also performs specific tests to diagnose the exact cause of shoulder pain like MRI or X-ray.


The shoulder pain treatment options include the combination of therapies like medicines, physiotherapy, home care or surgery. If you want a pain-free and non-invasive solution, then you can choose the latest Canadian technology which is Bioflex laser. This useful therapeutic tool can be utilized by visiting the laser clinics in Islamabad, Karachi or Peshawar.

The laser treatment in Pakistan is rare these days, but Bioflex launched its incredible therapeutic tool in vast cities of Pakistan so that you can easily get connected with them and have yourself treated. You can book at your appointments with the team members of Bioflex and pay around Rs.1500 for the consultation and get to know everything about the treatment.

Bioflex laser treatment in Pakistan is famous worldwide due to its numerous beneficial and healing effects over the body. It treats the diseased area by the application of superluminous diodes that work by photobiomodulation. The emitted energy goes deeper within the cells and activates a cascade of physiological reactions.

The use of laser therapy enhances the formation of ATP, activates mitochondria, results in angiogenesis, and leads to the production of collagen and elastin. It repairs the dead cells and tissues by enabling the formation of new cells in the body. So get ready and become pain-free with the non-invasive solution in town! Get yourself an appointment for the laser treatment in Karachi, Islamabad or Peshawar!

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