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Difference Between Tendon And Ligament Injuries & Treatments Options

The ligaments and tendons are the types of fibrous connective tissues that play a role in the movement and stabilization of the skeleton. 

Both of these fibrous connective tissues sustain injuries throughout life, but as you age older and get weak, these tissues are more prone to injuries.

Tendon vs. Ligaments – What are they?

The tendons and ligaments are made of thick tissue bands which comprise collagen. 

They help in body movements and stabilize different body structures. 

The main difference between tendons and ligaments is that they connect different body parts. 

Tendons are the connecting point between muscles and bones while ligaments help in connecting bones with bones. There are different anatomical differences between both of these. 

Tendons have fiber bundles which are known as endotenon surrounds. The tissue allows the tendon fibers to move against each other which aids in supporting the movement. 

Ligaments, on the other hand, are elastic when compared to tendons. The ligaments are classified into two types; yellow and white. White ligaments comprise of rich collagen fibers which are non-elastic while yellow ligaments are more elastic and allow extra movement. 

Tendons are the connection between muscles and bones where they allow muscle movements while ligaments are present over the joints.

The tendons and ligaments can stretch and tear easily. The injuries of both these tissues are relatively similar.

Difference Between Tendon And Ligament Injuries

The injuries of both ligaments and tendons are common. 

Multiple factors increase your chance to suffer from an injury such as:

  • Over usage during sports.
  • Trauma due to blow or fall injury.
  • Muscle weakness due to a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Twist of the tendon and ligament when present in an awkward position.

Tendon injuries are commonly seen in people who play sports. Sports injuries are commonly experienced in 30-50% of cases.

Similarities between tendon and ligament injuries include bursitis, where the surrounding tissues get inflamed. Bursitis is the condition where the small sacs filled with gel i.e. bursa surrounding the tendons, bones, muscles, and joints are inflamed. The inflammation occurs due to the stress over the joints or over-usage.

Tendon Injuries


Common sports injuries are strain injuries where the tendon or muscle gets injured. This type of tendon injury is painful and might take weeks or months for the healing process. 

A sudden twist of the tendon or fall injury can result in strain. 

Inactive people are more prone to suffer from strains because when they actively indulge in activities that keep their muscles weakened.

The strain can result in tendonitis which is the irritation or inflammation of the tendon due to strain. 

People suffering from tendonitis have a painful feel with swollen and warm tendons. Tendonitis is a tear in the tendon which occurs over months or years due to inappropriate athletic methods.


A type of tendon injury where the tendon moves from its place and a snapping or popping sound is heard. The pain or weakness of the joints is felt when subluxation is felt.

Ruptured tendon

Ruptured tendon injuries are also common. It is a mixture of chronic trauma or immediate trauma. These ruptures affect the biceps, knees, Achilles tendon or quadriceps.

Ligament Injuries


When the ligament gets torn or stretched then the person experiences sprain. It is a temporary, debilitating injury with minor inconvenience which takes months for the healing process. 

Ligament injuries are commonly seen in ankles, wrists or knees which are more prone to fall injuries, especially when you opt for an awkward posture that results in twist or stretch of the ligament. 

Sprains are classified into mild, moderate or severe depending on the ligament injury. 

In mild cases, the ligament stretches but does not result in a tear. In moderate cases; ligament gets partially torn while in severe cases; the ligament is completely torn apart. 

The most common ligament injury involves the knee sprain where the anterior cruciate ligament gets torn.

Treatment For Tendon And Ligament Injuries

Regarding treatment options; the difference between tendon and ligaments injuries are not large. 

For minor inflammation, sprains or strains, you can make use of the RICE method – rest, ice, compression and elevation which helps in reducing the swelling as well as inflammation. 

Over-the-counter medicines like NSAIDs are commonly advised for relieving pain. 

Physical therapy is also commonly advised for relieving pain. 

Sometimes the doctors might need to treat the painful tendons and ligaments with the help of surgery. 

Lifestyle changes along with additional support therapy are also advised in severe cases of injuries.

Laser Therapy For Tendon And Ligament Injuries

If you are suffering from severe ligament or tendon injury and wondering how to heal tendons and ligaments faster, then you can opt for a non-toxic and safe treatment option i.e. laser therapy. 

This laser therapy by BioFlex is an advanced treatment option where low-intensity light is applied over the damaged tissues to return them to normal. The therapeutic laser therapy heals the condition and aids in relieving the symptoms. 

Laser therapy is the perfect solution for treating sports injuries, especially; Achilles tendonitis or bursitis which is commonly seen in athletes. 

It aids in reducing inflammation for tendons and ligaments pain sensations. 

It is an easy process with a 99% cure rate. 

The laser therapy has 12-25 sessions in total depending on the severity of the condition. The time varies for each session ranging between 35-45 minutes.

For acute injuries, the recovery time is immediate, while for chronic injuries, the recovery rate is slower. 

For further queries and details regarding the laser therapy, you can visit the website or call toll-free number 0800-52737.

The difference between tendon and ligament injuries for laser therapy is not substantial as laser therapy treats both effectively. 

If the tendon or ligament injuries are left untreated then they might result in secondary injuries or chronic pain. So it is essential to visit the healthcare professional as soon as possible and get the right treatment done!

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