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Diabetes Home Remedies: 10 Ways to Take Care of Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a condition where the body suffers from increased blood sugar levels. During the diabetic state, the body is unable to transport sugar effectively from the bloodstream towards the cells. The pancreas is a vital organ of the body where the beta cells result in insulin secretion. However, these cells stop working in a diabetic patient leading to less production of insulin to meet the body’s requirements. There are ten effective ways to take care of diabetes naturally, which includes the following:


Regular exercise in daily routine helps in losing weight and increases the sensitivity of insulin in the body. The enhanced insulin sensitivity within the body allows your cells to utilize the sugar levels effectively. Exercise daily allows your muscles to use blood sugar effectively for muscle contraction and generation of energy. You can perform practical tasks like:


Perform weight lifting exercises that make your muscles work effectively and utilize the excess sugar level in blood. The strengthening activities help in building muscle mass of the diabetic patient and allows you to burn excess calories. According to ADA, weight lifting exercises help in improving blood sugar levels. For weight lifting activities, you can use free weights, weight machines, or household objects like water bottles or canned objects. 


You don’t need a specific gym membership to lose weight. Just wear comfortable trousers and a t-shirt with cozy joggers. Start strolling for around 30 minutes daily every five days in a week. According to a review conducted in 2014, it shows that brisk walking helps in lowering the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.


Water exercise helps the joints by increasing their flexibility and range of motion. Swimming is a perfect exercise that helps your heart, lungs, and other vital organs to perform effectively. According to the review conducted in 2017, water exercises aids in lowering the blood sugar levels, similar to the exercises performed in the gym.

4. YOGA:

According to the review conducted in 2016, yoga aids in managing blood sugar levels, especially in people who have diabetes type 2. Other than the blood sugar, it aids in controlling cholesterol levels and helps in losing weight. It assists in improving the quality of sleep and uplifts the mood.


This excellent fitness program aids in improving core strength. It enhances your entire balance and improves coordination. Studies also conclude that Pilates performed excellently also help in improving the blood sugar levels.


Choose the home-made foods which are low in carbs as too many carbs can affect the insulin function leading to increased blood glucose levels.


This one is a favorite meal for diabetic patients. Blend the chicken wings in a spicy batter. Place these wings in the oven and heat them at around 180-200 degrees centigrade for approximately 40-45 minutes. Grill the sides until they become brown and crispy. Serve the wings with salsa sauce and some sautéed vegetables. 


Enjoy this fantastic meal for breakfast. The eggs and vegetables are rich in proteins, which makes you feel full for the entire day. You can use vegetables like spinach, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, or broccoli. Add coconut oil to the frying pan and heat up. Now add vegetables to the heat and add 2-3 eggs. Now add spice with some salt and pepper to the eggs and vegetables. Stir fry them till they are ready.


Add some butter to the frying pan and add Hamburger patties to it. Now add some spice and flip these patties on each side till they get ready. Add some cheddar slices with cream cheese on top until the cheese starts to melt. Serve it with raw spinach and drizzle it with sautéed vegetables. To enjoy the juiciest burgers, add a bit of salsa sauce on it.


This low-carb meal looks tantalizing, and you can add coconut oil, onions, ground beef, bell pepper, spices, and spinach.  Finely chop the onions and add it to the oil in the frying pan. Now turn up the heat and stir fry the onions till they are golden brown. Now add ground beef with all the spices.  Add remaining vegetables and stir-fry till it is ready to serve.


Add low-carb ingredients to the pizza and enjoy the meal. Choose vegetables like onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, different forms of cheese, and ground beef. Finely chop down the onions and add bacon on top of it. Mix the salsa sauce, ground beef, vegetables, spices, and garlic powder to the baking dish. Now sprinkle the cheddar cheese on top of it and place it in the heated oven for 35-40 minutes at around 180-200 degrees centigrade until it looks crispy brown.

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Other than the home remedies, if you want to control the blood sugar levels naturally with a non-invasive method, you can choose Bioflex laser therapy. This latest Canadian technology has now launched in Pakistan for treating the people of Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. When the blood sugar levels spike instead of performing the natural remedies to control it like regular exercises, lifestyle changes, and dietary modifications along with the insulin injections, then you need something better to treat it without any side effects.

The low-laser therapy restores the destroyed cells and stimulates the activity to secrete enough insulin for the body. The laser diodes are applied over the affected area, which aids in improving the symptoms like numbness, pain, indigestion, abnormal vision, mental cloudiness, and others. So what are you waiting for, get connected, and have yourself treated for all the issues that you might suffer due to diabetes like diabetic neuropathy, diabetic wounds, and others! The diabetes doctors in Islamabad are highly professional and dedicated to treating diabetic patients with the non-invasive and pain-free solution that helps you get rid of all the symptoms!

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