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Considering LLT as a Viable Option to Treat your Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can affect your gaming experience. For rehabilitation of sports injuries, you need viable treatment options which can get you back into the game with optimal and quick recovery. LLT is the latest technology in the market which helps in treating sports injuries. The sports injuries result in damage to the soft tissues and their cells. These cells, in turn, result in an inflammatory response by the body leading to swelling, warmth and painful sensation over the injured area. If there is recurrent or persistent inflammation it results in early-onset arthritis in athletes with degenerative changes within the joints.

Application of Laser Therapy for Sports Injuries

The application of LLT results in relieving the short-term inflammation with a lowered risk of frequent arthritis due to sports injuries. Laser therapy is utilized by athletes to offer deep-tissue therapy, treat inflammation and accelerate the pain-relieving process. It promotes the recovery time of the athletes to get back into the game.

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Mode of Action of LLT

LLT results in photo bio-stimulation of the damaged cells with the help of specific wavelengths of laser light in a coherent way. The light photons within the laser therapy propagate within the same direction, phase, and amplitude. This, in turn, enhances the depth of penetration of lasers resulting in a rapid biological response. The photons are absorbed by the cell membrane through the photo-chemical effect which results in healing effect over the tissues rather than the damaging effect.

LLT results in excitation of kinetic energy within the damaged cells through the transmission of photons. As soon as the photons reach the body cells they result in a series of positive reactions. It ignites the production of enzymes within the cells, stimulates mitochondria, and enhances the lymphatic drainage with vasodilation, results in the synthesis of ATP with the formation of collagen to reduce the formation of scar tissues. Simply, stating that LLT aids in enhancing the healing process with faster recovery in athletes.

Scientific Studies

LLT is a superior tool which aids in the rehabilitation of athletes. It is an effective mode of treatment which helps in treating sports injuries including Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, acute and chronic neck or back pain, jumper’s knee, bursitis, and others. There are many studies which prove the efficacy of LLT for treating sports injuries. According to a randomized controlled, double-blind study, it shows that LLT along with exercise therapy aids in improved pain and enhanced activity among patients. It shows the positive effect over exercise-induced skeletal muscle fatigue along with the alteration of biochemical markers which help in post-exercise recovery. LLT is recommended as an effective treatment option for tennis elbow according to a study. The use of laser is easy and athletes respond with speedy recovery with the use of LLT.

The treatment sessions for LLT last from 3-5 minutes. A study was published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine where it showed the efficacy of LLT with certain exercises for treating Achilles tendonitis within recreational athletes. It showed that improved routine activity with rapid recovery was seen in patients who experienced low-level laser therapy. According to the journal of clinical laser med surgery, LLT along with the RICE protocol aids in reducing edema which is linked with ankle sprains within soccer players immediately after 3 days.

Common Sports Injuries where LLT is Advised

LLT is highly effective for treating tendonitis i.e. the inflammation of the tendon which functions in connecting the bone to the muscles. Tendonitis is a common condition which affects elbows leading to golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow and back of the foot and ankle i.e. Achilles’ tendonitis. Tendonitis usually occurs due to the over usage of that area or due to the excess calcium deposition with age. It occurs due to the repetitive mechanical loads over the tendon or load that is unbearable for the tendon.

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a condition where over-usage tendon injury occurs that connects the muscles of the forearm with the lateral epicondyle. It is commonly seen in people who indulge in racket sports along with other athletes.

Golfer’s elbow or medial epicondylitis is defined as the inflammation of the tendon which connects the forearm muscles with the bone on the inner side. This condition occurs due to repetitive arm movement and is commonly seen in golf players. Other than that it can be seen in individuals who perform repetitive arm movements.

Achilles’ tendonitis is the condition where inflammation of the tendon located over the backside of the leg occurs. This tendon is the strongest tendon of the body which helps an individual in jumping, walking or running. This condition can occur due to over usage, rupture or tearing of the tendon.

LLT is advised for all these sports injuries. However, in the beginning, RICE protocol is advised where rest, icing, compression along with elevation is performed of the injured area to relieve inflammation. Other than that immobilization, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications are advised along with the LLT therapy. It is a non-surgical and a non-invasive procedure which removes pressure from the tendons and relieves pain. LLT works best for sports injuries if treated during the acute stage rather than the chronic stage. It is one of the safest forms of electrotherapy which offers multiple benefits while treating soft tissue injury. It relieves pain, reduces inflammation and enhances the tissue repair.

Final Words

Musculoskeletal diseases are highly prevalent among our society within athletes and physical workers. Due to the rapid increase in sports activities with the past few years, more attention is paid to competitive sports which enhances the performance of individuals for sports. Unfortunately with increased sports there comes the increased risk of sports injuries due to excessive training and intense exercise.

LLT is completely safe without any major side effects due to which it can be easily utilized regularly. After reading the beneficial effects of LLT you can choose it if you are suffering from sports injuries.


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