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Shoulder Instability Treatment

Shoulder Instability Treatment

If you are experiencing chronic shoulder instability, you may be wondering what your treatment options are. You may be surprised to learn that there are many different treatments available, both surgical and nonsurgical.

In this blog post, we will discuss the various shoulder instability treatments available, including home remedies such as icing. We will also discuss what shoulder instability is and how to perform a shoulder instability test.

What is shoulder instability?

Shoulder instability is a condition in which the shoulder joint is unable to stay in its proper place. This can be due to a number of different factors, including ligament or muscle weakness, previous injury, or even genetics.

There are two main types of shoulder instability: acute and chronic. Acute shoulder instability occurs when the shoulder joint is dislocated. This can be a very painful and serious injury that requires immediate medical attention.

Chronic shoulder instability, on the other hand, is a condition in which the shoulder joint repeatedly pops out of place. This can be extremely frustrating and painful, but it is not typically a serious medical condition.

There are a number of different treatments available for shoulder instability. The right treatment depends upon the underlying cause and other health factors.

Shoulder instability causes 

  • The repetitive motion of the shoulder can cause shoulder instability. Repetitive motion can occur during work (typing on a computer, using tools, etc) or play (playing basketball or tennis). 
  • Shoulder injury
  • Shoulder trauma

Shoulder instability is caused when the cartilage in the shoulder (labrum) is torn or damaged. 

Shoulder instability symptoms

  • Persistent feeling of shoulder hanging or lose 
  • Continuous pain 
  • Inability to perform daily tasks
  • Hindrance in arm movement 

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms or have experienced a shoulder injury then consult the doctor for a diagnosis. Once shoulder instability is diagnosed, the doctor will decide a suitable line of treatment for you. 

Shoulder instability treatment

The treatment of shoulder instability depends upon the stage at which your shoulder is and for how much time you’ve been experiencing shoulder pain and instability.  

Your doctor might describe a few painkillers to take orally and apply to your shoulder. Apart from this traditional treatment, your physiotherapist might advise you to do a set of exercises for shoulder instability at home on a daily basis to help loosen the connective tissue in the shoulder cap. 

Alongside you should follow a few home remedies to ease your movement and get rid of the pain. A few proven home remedies include: Shoulder Instability Treatment

  • Applying a hot and cold pack on your shoulder. Applying hot or cold packs for a good 20 to 25 minutes reduces pain, inflammation, and increases flexibility.
  • Try moving your shoulder a bit by following frozen shoulder stretches.
  • Sleep on your back or on your side that is not aching. Explore your own comfortable sleeping position to get rid of increased pain at night. 

Laser Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Apart from these remedies and treatments, you can go for certain alternative treatments. We will discuss one such treatment here that is scientifically proven and is being practised around the world. This alternative treatment is called low-level laser therapy

This therapy is done in modern pain management clinics where experienced doctors use a safe laser beam to loosen the shoulder tap. It takes a few sessions before you find relief from shoulder pain caused due to shoulder instability.  

If you are in Pakistan and want this laser pain therapy to get rid of shoulder pain then head to our pain management clinic – BioFlex Pakistan. 

Bioflex Pakistan has experienced rheumatologists, modern equipment, and helpful staff. 

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