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Repetitive Strain Injury in Back: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

Repetitive Strain Injury in Back: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

If you are suffering from tingling and aching sensation in the upper part of your body due to repetitive movements at work, home, or during sports then you might be on the verge of repetitive strain injury (RSI). 

The stiffness caused in the neck and shoulder region due to repeated strain injury also causes upper back pain. Here, we will discuss repetitive strain injury back problems and how to get rid of them through proper care and treatment.

Repetitive strain injury – An Overview 

A repetitive strain injury is damage to soft tissues, muscles, ligaments, and nerves that are caused due to continuous movement of the upper body. 

When you move your organs in specific motion for a longer period of time without giving yourself a recovery break, then you might develop repetitive strain injury. 

Repetitive strain injury usually affects your upper body parts such as hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, chest, and back. 

Once diagnosed, repetitive strain injury can be cured with proper treatment, home remedies, and changes at your workplace that will ease your pain. 

If ignored then the injury might get worse over time and might halt your daily life activities and workplace activities.

Repetitive strain injury symptoms 

  • Tingling 
  • Pain 
  • Numbness 
  • Stiffness 
  • Cold fingertips 
  • Pain that increases when you perform a task involving repetitive movements 

Causes of RSI 

  • Doing repetitive movements over a period of time 
  • Not taking recovery break during repetitive movements 
  • Uncomfortable position at work 
  • Wearing uncomfortable safety equipment that doesn’t fit you well 
  • Not taking safety precautions
  • Not sitting properly in your workplace 
  • If you work on a computer and the screen isn’t aligned upright with you then you might get repetitive strain injury back pain  

Repetitive strain injury treatment 

If you are experiencing repetitive strain injury symptoms then you should head to the doctor for proper diagnosis. The doctor carries out physical examination and imaging tests to rule out other causes of pain. 

You and your doctor can also dig into the root cause of repetitive strain injury. You can then stop doing that activity or modify your position in a way that your body experiences the least stress. 

Let’s look into the treatment options so that you can make an informed decision after consulting your doctor.

Home remedies 

  • Take complete rest 
  • Avoid doing the task that has caused RSI until you feel healed 
  • Use hot and cold packs to reduce pain 
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Alter your position at the workplace to be in a more comfortable sitting position 

Physical Therapy

There are various repetitive strain injury exercises that you can practice to get rid of the pain. But don’t follow these exercises until not prescribed by a physiotherapist. 

The physiotherapist will advise you to do a few exercises and movements according to your particular symptoms. 

Medications and traditional treatment 

The doctor will prescribe you a few painkillers and muscle relaxants. These medicines will help you feel better but only for a few hours. Along with painkillers, your doctor might also recommend splints and supporters that will reduce pain and help in the healing process. 

Laser pain therapy – An alternative treatment to cure RSI

If you wish to get better quickly with an alternative treatment then laser therapy is the best option. It is a proven modern-day therapy that treats the underlying cause using a safe laser beam. 

Laser pain therapy is used around the world to treat various neuromuscular conditions, and BioFlex Pakistan specializes in cold laser therapy for back pain. The procedure is performed by doctors and it takes a few sessions before you get better completely. 

Wondering why to choose laser pain therapy to treat repetitive strain injury in your back? Let’s look into the benefits of laser pain therapy:

  • No medications involved
  • A safe laser beam is used that doesn’t harm your body in any way 
  • Completely non-invasive procedure 
  • No long-term side effects reported to date 
  • Treats the underlying cause by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms
  • Painless procedure 
  • Each session is no more than a few minutes 

If you want to get repetitive strain injury treatment then head to BioFlex Pakistan. We are a modern pain management clinic where expert rheumatologists treat you through laser technology.

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