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How To Get Relief From Lower Back Pain

How to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain

Experiencing some pain in your lower back? Here are some ways on how to get relief from lower back pain. 

It’s important not to neglect lower back pain because according to WHO, the lifetime prevalence of lower back pain is 60% to 70%. That’s why getting an early diagnosis and proper treatment is important. 

Proper treatment and care can help you get rid of lower back pain for good. Read further to know all about how to get relief from lower back pain and some proven tips and exercises. 


Lower back pain is common amongst individuals between the ages of 30 to 50. It can occur due to injury, aging, or any illness. Usually, with aging, the fluid between the discs reduces and this increases friction, which ultimately causes pain. Aging or injury can also weaken the muscle mass and cause lower back pain. 

Whatever the reason is, lower back pain can be cured and treated if the diagnosis is made well on time. Acute lower back pain can last for weeks while chronic back pain can last for months. But proper care and treatment can make your life easy and you can get rid of lower back pain effectively. 

Treatment options 

If you have lower back pain then the first step on your journey to back pain relief is to visit a doctor. The doctor will examine you physically by noticing your movement and reflexes. You will be asked to bend, stretch, and move in different directions. The doctor will make sure your lower back pain isn’t affecting the spinal nerves. For this, he’ll observe your reflexes. 

In case of acute lower back pain, the doctors prefer to do imaging tests like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Your doctor might also recommend certain tests to diagnose nerve compression (if any).

Once the diagnosis is done, the doctor will usually advise you to rest and over-the-counter medicines for 72 hours. If your lower back pain doesn’t reduce, you might be prescribed medicines and therapies. 

The usual treatment line is:

Home care 

You should minimize your movement and take as much rest as you can. Lie in a comfortable position. If you’re feeling pain lying in one posture, try a different one. You can try lying on the side with knees bent and a pillow between the legs. If you’re lying on your back, put a pillow below your thighs to reduce pressure. 

You should also follow RICE protocol for back pain relief which includes: 

  • Rest. Don’t move your back much and lie down. 
  • Ice. Use ice packs to reduce pain and inflammation. 
  • Compression. Apply compressors that are available in the pharmacies. The compression technique helps reduce pain significantly. 
  • Elevation. Elevate your legs to reduce pressure on the spine. 

You can also try alternate hot and cold pack treatment for 48 to 72 hours. Studies show that heat and cold methods are effective and may allow for instant relief from lower back pain.

Medical treatment 

If you don’t feel better with home remedies then the doctor might prescribe certain medicines to help you get rid of lower back pain. 

Muscle relaxants, NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs), corticosteroids, and steroids. The medicine depends upon the intensity and duration of your pain and the diagnosis. 


Physical therapy 

Your doctor might suggest physical therapy. For that, you’ve to visit a physical therapist who would suggest different exercises that will provide back pain relief and make you feel better. You will be able to move easily after following physical therapy sessions. 

Laser pain therapy 

Another modern and highly effective form of therapy is low-level laser therapy (LLLT). The therapy is performed by an expert doctor in their clinic. You don’t need medicines while you have opted for LLLT. The laser beam penetrates the back and reduces pain by stimulating the natural pain-reducing mechanism in the body. LLLT provides instant relief from lower back pain after the 1st session, as well as long-term relief after following up on multiple sessions.

The laser pain therapy treatment usually lasts for more than one session. Your doctor will walk you through the details of the treatment process and sessions. 

Laser pain therapy is a completely non-invasive alternative treatment that is proven to treat chronic back pain. 

Click here to know more about how laser pain therapy gives you complete relief from lower back pain. 

Exercises to get relief from lower back pain 

Exercises not only strengthen your core but also increase blood flow in the back, alleviating pain and aiding the healing process. Let’s know some back pain relief exercises that are proven to be effective for lower back pain. 


This exercise strengthens the most important muscle of your body in the buttocks (glutes). To do this exercise you should: 

  • Lie straight with your feet flat on the ground, so that the knees are bent 
  • Now lift your hips upwards so that your shoulders and hips are aligned
  • Try to move your hips towards the shoulders, remaining in the lying position 
  • Move the hips back to the original position 
  • Rest for a few minutes and repeat 

Pelvic tilts 

Pelvic tilts release the tightening muscles. To do this exercise, you should: 

  • Lie on the floor with the feet flat, knees bent, and arms by your side
  • Now lift your back in a way that the stomach comes out. Hold this position for a few seconds
  • Rest and then move your stomach onwards this time, hold for a few seconds and release this position 
  • Repeat this exercise several times a day 

Knee-to-chest stretches 

As it sounds, you have to stretch your knees towards the chest, to ease the pain in your back. 

  • Lie down so that your feet are flat on the ground and knees bent
  • Now hold one leg with both your hands and stretch it towards your chest as much as you can 
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and then come back to a relaxed position 
  • Repeat this for another leg as well

Cat stretches 

Cat stretches elongate the back, strengthening it and relieving pain. To do this stretch, you have to: 

  • Get on your knees with hands flat on the floor
  • Now arch your back and move the belly button inside, towards the spine. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax 
  • Repeat this stretch 2 to 5 times a day 

Rotational stretches 

This stretch relieves back pain and generally strengthens your core. To do rotational scratches, you should: 

  • Lie flat on the floor, with knees bent and feet flat on the ground 
  • Now move your both knees to one side and hold this position for a while 
  • Come back to a relaxed position and move the knees in the opposite direction. Hold this position for a few seconds  
  • Repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times a day 


If nothing works then your doctor might suggest surgery on the lower back. Surgery is rare and the last option of treatment. A surgical procedure is inevitable if the patient loses control of the bowel and feels numb. 

But if proper treatment is followed along with alternative treatment and home remedies then you can easily get rid of lower back pain. 


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