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Dancer Knee Pain – Common Injuries and Treatment Options

Dancer Knee Pain – Common Injuries and Treatment Options

The knee is the largest joint of your body. That is why physical exertion adds stress to your knees and they can ache.

If you are a dancer or like to dance as a hobby then you might experience knee pain. Knee pain while dancing is not uncommon. But if the pain persists even after following home remedies then you should seek proper treatment to avoid chronic knee pain. 

Let’s have a look at what dancer’s knee pain is, how you can get rid of it, and how you can avoid it in the first place.

Knee Pain After Dancing – An Overview 

Dance moves and choreo add about 3 to 12 times the bodyweight on your knees. So your knees have to bear added pressure and force. The repetitive dance moves can then affect your knee bone, muscles, and tendons causing them to ache. 

The knee pain often goes away on its own when you take a rest and warm up your body before each session. But if you ignore that pain and crunch that you felt in your knees while dancing then it can turn into chronic knee pain. 

Before knowing the treatment options, let’s look into common knee injuries for dancers to get an on-point diagnosis and proper treatment. 

Is Dancing Bad For Knees

Not at all. But if you don’t practice much, skip warming up the body, or practice improper movements then it can add stress to your knees and cause trouble. 

Surely dancing can take a physical toll but with proper dance steps and care of your body, you’ll only enjoy it rather than having knee pain.

Common knee injuries for dancers 

Meniscus tears 

You have two shock absorber cartilage pieces between your thigh and shin bone. While dancing, you might add pressure on these shock absorbers, injuring them. This type of tear causes pain in the knee and lower part of the leg. 

Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Patellofemoral pain syndrome occurs when the kneecap is injured at the point that connects it to the body. This injury can restrict your bending and stretching movements while dancing. 


Bursae are the fluid-filled sacs that support the upper part of the knee. When bursitis is injured, you can feel pain in your upper portion of the knee and find it difficult to move this part painlessly. 

Knee sprains 

Knee ligaments can get torn or injured, causing pain in the knee. The ligaments provide support to the knee and make it move in a flexible way. So, injured ligaments mean you can’t move your knees freely.

Chondromalacia Patella Dancers Pain 

Chondromalacia is a wearing, softening, and cracking of the articular cartilage under the patella, resulting in pain and inflammation under and around the knee cap. It is caused when you overuse your knee. 

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Knee Pain After a Night Of Dancing 

All the above-mentioned conditions develop over time. But what if you start experiencing knee pain right after the first night of dancing? 

This happens when you start dancing without warming your body up. Continuous knee movement right at your first practice can cause inflammation and pain in the knees. 

A few causes of dancer’s knee pain after a night of dancing are: 

  • Muscle imbalance 
  • Practising improper technique 
  • Lacking flexibility 
  • Tending to force turnout that causes stress on joints and muscles including knees

You can try home remedies and if the pain subsides then stop dancing and consult a doctor for proper treatment.

How To Avoid Knee Pain While Dancing?

  • Get enough rest and avoid overdoing any step that can add stress to your knees
  • Practice a few exercises to avoid knee pain while dancing. You can do knee-rotation control and body rotation exercises to make your joints flexible. But always consult your doctor if you already have knee pain because these exercises can add to your pain as well. You should also do cross-training exercises on a daily basis to strengthen your joints and muscles
  • Always warm up before your dancing session. Warming-up reduces pressure on your knees and joints as they become flexible and ready for the session
  • Always wear proper shoes and attire that’s comfortable enough. Never dance wearing your heels as it not only injures your knees but can also affect your spine
  • Focus on strengthening the lower part of your body so that your hips, thighs, and pelvic region is strong and flexible
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Sleep well

Dancer knee pain – Treatment 

Dancer’s knee pain is treated like any other knee pain. The cause and type of knee pain are diagnosed for tailored and effective treatment. Besides traditional treatment (that would be prescribed by the doctor), you can follow home remedies to cure knee pain naturally, exercises, and a proven alternative treatment discussed below. 

Home remedies 

  • Take rest and avoid bending or stretching your knees 
  • Apply hot and cold packs on your hurting knee to reduce pain and inflammation 
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers 
  • Apply pain-relieving ointment
  • Massage your hurting knee with oil. You should take the help of a professional to get a massage that would be beneficial 


There are several knee pain exercises that can help you move your knees and make your joints flexible. Knee exercises also help to strengthen your muscles. 

Laser pain therapy 

An effective alternative treatment that utilizes modern and safe technology is laser pain therapy. 

Laser pain therapy is done to treat various neuromuscular conditions, including knee pain. A low-level laser beam is directed on the painful area to activate the natural healing mechanisms of the body. The course of action is still unknown but various case studies have proven it to be an effective and safe alternative treatment. 

BioFlex Pakistan is an advanced pain management clinic that treats knee pain with laser therapy. You’ll need a few sessions of therapy before you feel well. We have experienced doctors and highly qualified staff to make sure our clients get the best results. 

BioFlex Pakistan offers knee pain treatment for various types of knee conditions, including dancer’s knee pain, and repetitive stress injuries.

The Bottom Line 

Dancers’ knee pain is a common condition. Dance moves add extra pressure and force on your knees making them painful. Above are the causes and types of dancer’s knee pain. 

You will also get to know treatment options that are proven to be effective and preventive measures to avoid knee pain while dancing.

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