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10 Exercises For Type 2 Diabetes Patients


Regular exercise in daily routine helps in losing weight and increases the sensitivity of insulin in the body. The enhanced insulin sensitivity within the body allows your cells to utilize the sugar levels effectively. Exercise daily allows your muscles to use blood sugar effectively for muscle contraction and generation of energy. You can perform practical tasks like:


Perform weight lifting exercises that make your muscles work effectively and utilize the excess sugar level in blood. The strengthening activities help in building the muscle mass of the diabetic patient and allows you to burn excess calories. According to ADA, weight lifting exercises help in improving blood sugar levels. For weight lifting activities, you can use free weights, weight machines, or household objects like water bottles or canned objects. 


You don’t need a specific gym membership to lose weight. Just wear comfortable trousers and a t-shirt with cozy joggers. Start strolling for around 30 minutes daily every five days a week. According to a review conducted in 2014, it shows that brisk walking helps in lowering the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.


Water exercise helps the joints by increasing their flexibility and range of motion. Swimming is a perfect exercise that helps your heart, lungs, and other vital organs to perform effectively. According to the review conducted in 2017, water exercises aids in lowering the blood sugar levels, similar to the exercises performed in the gym.

4. YOGA:

According to the review conducted in 2016, yoga aids in managing blood sugar levels, especially in people who have diabetes type 2. Other than the blood sugar, it aids in controlling cholesterol levels and helps in losing weight. It assists in improving the quality of sleep and uplifts the mood.


This excellent fitness program aids in improving core strength. It enhances your entire balance and improves coordination. Studies also conclude that Pilates performed excellently also help in improving the blood sugar levels.

Lengthy commuting work, demanding jobs and busy social works makes you reserved throughout the day, resulting in a lack of energy and no workouts 24/7. Being a busy bee makes it hard for you to perform workouts after work hours. So here we have listed down the 5 best workouts which you can do in your lunch break without wasting your time. The list of these workouts allows you to perform maximum exercises in a small duration and efficiently utilize the lunch break while losing the maximum number of calories.


Push-ups are the perfect exercise for the lunch break. It is the basic exercise that aids in targeting the entire body. The push-ups are effective for losing weight in your specific areas like the back, arm muscles, shoulders, and abs. Push-ups serve as the ideal workout option which you can perform in your lunch break without any need for equipment.


Low-impact exercises are perfect considering the age, weight and medical conditions if you are suffering from one. These low-impact exercises work best for ankles, knees, elbows and other joints of the body. You don’t need to perform any aggravating moves like jumps, squats or others which might result in injuries. The low-impact moves are easy to perform in a compact space and are ideal to perform during the lunch break.


This workout is perfect for those who spend most of their time in front of the desktop typing. These hand and wrist workouts are perfect for a lunch break where you can give some gentle moves to your joints and make them moveable for further work hours. You can take the dumbbells with you at your workplace or you can have different weighted items like bottles, cans or paperweights which allow you to perform these exercises simply at your workplace during the lunch break.


Squats are the perfect workout exercise that can be performed at any time and any place without any need for equipment. You can indulge yourself in a 7-10 day squat challenge where you need to perform fifty, hundred or 200 squats each day depending on your capability. Squats are a basic exercise that can be easily performed during the lunch break in a small space without any fancy equipment. Some variations of squats need dumbbells where you can replace them with different weighted items like water gallons, paperweights, heavy books or others.


For this workout, you need extra stamina to perform it. You need a partner who agrees to perform this workout or you can choose a trainer who makes it fantastic for you to enjoy the entire workout period. Once you are done with this extreme workout you’ll feel amazing. For the countdown circuit, you need a mat or towel, bench or low wall, water and skipping rope. Perform warm-up before you start this workout. Start with a light jog, perform 10 hip flexor walking lunges, 10 bodyweight squats, 5 pushups, and 10 alternate toe taps. Now start the workout with 100 skips, 90 step-ups with 45 for each leg, 80 crunches, 70 squats, 60 mountain climbers, 50 pushups, 40 triceps dips, 30 jumping jacks, 20 reverse lunges, and 10 burpees. When performing this workout, do not forget to stretch and cool down between each rep.

Burn the calories while enjoying these amazing workouts during your lunch break. Don’t hesitate to perform the workouts at your workplace as you can utilize this period and feel energetic after you perform these workouts. Most of us avoid visiting the gyms because it feels hectic after we go to homes once we are done with the busy work schedule. It is therefore advised to perform these simple workouts during your lunch break and utilize the time.

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