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Our Low-intensity Laser Therapy Reviews

Low-intensity Laser Therapy Reviews At BioFlex Pakistan 

Bioflex is a unique laser technology that has been utilized by 2000 clinics worldwide and has been treating 2 million people all over the globe with 90-99% efficacy. This Canadian technology is now available in Pakistan where it has been treating several patients daily. 

Low-intensity laser therapy is the perfect mode of treatment for curing several medical conditions ranging from neck pain, knee pain, back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and many others. Have a look at our low-intensity laser therapy reviews at BioFlex Pakistan and decide for yourself to get treated with pain-free technology.


The first low-intensity laser therapy review comes from a 19-year-old boy who suffered from an ankle fracture at the age of 12 years while playing football. He was introduced to Bioflex Pakistan by his mother who told him how Bioflex successfully treats musculoskeletal conditions. He tried doing a treadmill but the healing process of ankle fracture remained untreated even after years. He also suffered from back pain which was quite severe and experienced a sprain in the back which never healed. He tried resting a lot but even after 2-6 weeks, the pain remained the same without any relief. 

He then visited the Bioflex laser pain clinics where he was advised of the non-invasive, smooth treatment option – laser therapy. The time for each session was around 1 hour but the wait was worth it as it helped him in relieving pain. He expected a chiropractor-type treatment but the treatment was painless with a friendly environment. The boy experienced immediate pain relief through the treatment in one session and he was advised with 5-6 sessions.

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A patient named Khalil who belongs to Sindh suffered from knee pain for 4 to 5 years. He visited different doctors but no one could help in relieving the pain. Khalil then visited the Bioflex laser pain clinic where he underwent 7 sessions of laser therapy and he was completely pain-free. 

Bioflex laser therapy is a perfect solution for treating knee pain and helps in relieving knee swelling. It is a non-invasive and pain-free solution that helps in reducing knee pain. So get yourself an appointment at the Bioflex clinic for a pain-free solution.

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Al Alaha, a man who belongs to Quetta suffered from severe neck pain for 10 years. He visited several doctors but didn’t find any relief in pain. He then visited the Bioflex laser pain clinic where he experienced 60% relief in pain after the second session of laser therapy. The staff of Bioflex Pakistan is quite dedicated where they help patients efficiently who are suffering from severe pain.

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Sheikh Mehboob Ilahi – a patient who has suffered from osteoarthritis for the past 15 years. He visited various physiotherapists and physicians who advised him to walk and exercise. Along with it, he was given heavy dosage medicines and injections. In later stages, he suffered from a frozen shoulder as well. 

The son of this patient introduced the patient to Bioflex laser therapy where he was consulted by Dr. Faiza regarding his current situation. After the 8 sessions of laser therapy, the patient experienced no muscle pain and was able to walk again with mild support.

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Fatima – a girl who belongs to Lahore suffered from bedsores for 3 years. Bedsores were quite severe which resulted in a painful sensation. She visited different doctors who advised surgery for bedsores as there are no such medications that are specifically meant for bedsores. After surgeries, the bedsores were so severe that she was only advised with painkillers. 

Then after 3 months, Fatima was recommended to Bioflex Pakistan located in Peshawar. She was then consulted by Dr. Faiza who recommended a diet plan for the girl and laser therapy was advised. The dedicated staff assured her of a pain-free experience with laser therapy, which is the case. After three months, Fatima is now completely pain-free and focuses only on a healthy diet.

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Saleem pasha – a retired engineer who suffered from knee pain and sciatica. He visited and consulted several physicians and doctors but no treatment helped in relieving pain. He read about Bioflex Pakistan in the newspaper. He then visited BioFlex’s laser pain clinic and continued taking laser therapy treatments for 6 sessions after which he felt amazing and is now pain-free.

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Muhammad Yusuf who belongs to Karachi suffered from knee pain and leg pain due to which he was unable to perform his daily rituals. He heard about Bioflex Pakistan over social media. He then visited the laser pain clinic and got his consultation done through Dr. Maria. His treatment was done effectively with complete dedication. This is his 7th session of laser therapy and now his pain is relieved to around 50% allowing him to perform daily activities effectively without any movement issues.

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A patient named Zeeshan suffered from psoriatic arthritis for ten years. He went through several treatment options where he took medicines and injections advised by various doctors and physicians but none of them completely relieved the pain. He then came to know about Bioflex Pakistan through Facebook Ads. 

He then consulted Dr. Maria who suggested laser therapy. Before the laser therapy, his body remained stiff and he suffered from pain in different body parts but after laser therapy, he felt 80% relief in pain.

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Rashid Ali who belongs to Gujranwala is a teacher in the government sector. He suffered from a frozen shoulder for the past year. He went to different clinics and healthcare professionals but no treatment helped in relieving pain. 

He was then told about Bioflex through one of his brothers. Rashid Ali then decided to visit BioFlex’s laser pain clinic in Islamabad where he was consulted by Dr. Hiba. After 7 sessions of laser therapy, he felt amazing and is now able to move his hands and shoulders properly.

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10.   BACK PAIN:

A patient named Asghar khan who belongs to Malakand in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa suffered from back and shoulder pain for the past six years. He visited different doctors but no one was able to make him pain-free. 

He then got his consultation done at the BioFlex laser pain clinic where he got rid of pain after 9 sessions. He recommends BioFlex to people suffering from back pain as laser therapy helps in reducing inflammation and helps in relieving pain.

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Cold laser therapy is an advanced technology used all over the world to treat neuromuscular pains without invasive procedures and medications. 

Follow the links to see videos of our low-intensity laser therapy reviews at BioFlex Pakistan to make an informed decision.

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