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Muskoloskeletal System

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Sports Injury Case Study By BioFlex Pakistan | BioFlex Pakistan

Sports Injury Case Study By BioFlex Pakistan  Below is a sports injury case study of a person who recovered from laser pain therapy at BioFlex Pakistan.  Laser pain therapy is a non-invasive and very effective treatment for neuromusculoskeletal injuries and pains. This advanced therapy is performed at BioFlex Pakistan—a pain therapy clinic that helps you...
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Chronic Sports Injuries Are Treated Using Laser Therapy | BioFlex Pakistan

Chronic Sports Injuries Are Treated Using Laser Therapy At BioFlex Pakistan  Sports injuries occur when the soft tissues of your body get damaged due to falls and other injuries. Chronic sports injuries are treated using various treatments but the crux is to get proper treatment as soon as you get the injury. Even then, there...
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How To Get Relief From Lower Back Pain | BioFlex Pakistan

How to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain Experiencing some pain in your lower back? Here are some ways on how to get relief from lower back pain.  It’s important not to neglect lower back pain because according to WHO, the lifetime prevalence of lower back pain is 60% to 70%. That’s why getting an...
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How To Deal With Neck Pain (6 Easy Ways) | BioFlex Pakistan

How To Deal With Neck Pain?  Neck pain can be a serious cause of not being able to move your head and fulfill your daily activities. But the good news is that you can get neck pain relief by following your doctor’s advice, going for therapies, and practicing home remedies.  To understand how to deal...
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How To Get Rid Of Shoulder And Neck Pain Fast | BioFlex Pakistan

How To Get Rid Of Shoulder And Neck Pain Fast?  I feel you. Back neck and shoulder pain can make your life miserable if it’s continuous, stabbing, and interfering with your daily life activities. But read further to know some very effective ways on how to get rid of neck and shoulder pain fast.  Here’s...
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How To Relieve Back Pain Instantly (7 Ways) | BioFlex Pakistan

How To Relieve Back Pain Instantly?  Back pain is a health issue that can halt your daily life activities. You can’t support yourself in a standing or sitting position if your back muscles or backbone are hurting. That’s why it’s important to carry out the right back pain solutions and to follow your doctor’s prescription...
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How to prevent osteoarthritis of the spine

How To Prevent Osteoarthritis Of The Spine? Osteoarthritis is a common disease of joints that can impair you physically, if not taken care of. About 27 million Americans are suffering from this disease. Lack of awareness about its treatment and prevention and not paying attention to its symptoms make osteoarthritis worse over time. That’s why...
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How to treat rheumatoid arthritis in fingers

How To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis In Fingers? Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can affect any joint in your body, including the joints of fingers and hands. This causes difficulty in movement, pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Wondering how to treat rheumatoid arthritis in fingers? Here’s the kicker: You can get rid of RA pain, ease the symptoms, and...
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Does high blood pressure cause neck pain?

High blood pressure is one of the most common conditions around the world, but does high blood pressure cause neck pain as well? Half the population in America has high blood pressure that results in various serious illnesses like heart diseases and kidney damage.  But usually high blood pressure goes unnoticed as there are no...
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Does drinking water while standing cause knee pain?

Your body is made up of 70% water. That is why it’s essential to sip as much water as you can throughout the day. Water provides essential nutrients and keeps you healthy. But water can be a health hazard if you don’t drink it in the right way.  So, let’s dig in and know… does...
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