Back Pain – The 10 Do’s and Don’ts to Get Relief

Back Pain – The 10 Do's and Don'ts to Get Relief

Back pain can be quite bothersome that can negatively affect our everyday life. It can affect our daily routine so much that you are unable to carry out your routine activities. Your wrong moves can further aggravate the back pain, it is therefore essential that you follow these simple dos and don’ts to get relief from back pain. 80-90% of the population in Pakistan suffer from back pain due to their everyday work routine, the stressful situations where they overload themselves and only rare cases of people suffer from back pain due to severe conditions like tumors, fractures or other systemic diseases.

There are some common back pain questions every doctor will ask you when you visit the, for example:

  • Are you suffering from lower back pain when straightening up from bending?
  • Do you feel pain when lifting leg while sitting back pain?
  • Or do you face lower back pain when coughing and sneezing?
  • Do you have lower back pain when sweeping? or lower back pain when bending backwards?

If your friend or you are allergic to doctors and want to try some exercises first yourself then these questions will must come to your mind now:

  • What should you not do for back pain?
  • How do you relieve severe lower back pain?  or what to do for low back pain?

What should you not do for back pain? How do you relieve severe lower back pain? Do you suffer from lower back pain when straightening up from bending or when lifting leg while sitting back pain? What to do for low back pain lower back pain?  when bending backwards lower back pain when coughing and sneezing lower back pain when sweeping

10 Do and don’ts for Lower Back Pain?


Stretching exercises help in relieving the back pain so try back-friendly stretches during your lunch break or morning while doing the rep for 10-15 times. The perfect stretch aids in relieving the back pain. You can perform press-ups where you need to lie down over your stomach while placing the hands over the floor. It should feel like you are about to start a push-up, but just press your upper body and allow the lower body to sag down while keeping the hips closely touching the ground. Try holding this position for a few seconds.


Straighten up in your everyday routine as we have a habit of slouching and slumping in our daily activities which results in back pain. It is commonly seen in people who are obese or overweight where the pelvis tries tilting in directions where they can stabilize the additional weight over the skeletal system leading to tightening effect over the back muscles. Try aligning your spine each day while standing straight, keep your hips, knees, shoulders, head, and feet in a line which aids in alleviating tension from the lower back and relieves pain.

3.   WARM-UP:

Perform warmups especially when you are planning to start a physical activity. Back pain usually occurs if you start an exercise suddenly without doing a warm-up. Perform a simple stretch before you start an exercise so that you prevent any pressure over the spine. You can perform a simple yoga pose i.e. cat-cow posture where you start with knees and hands straight and back straight with neck and head in line. Now inhale and drop the belly towards the ground and try looking up in a cow posture towards the ceiling. Now exhale and tuck your stomach in with arched back and lower the head towards the chest. Try performing it gently and stop immediately if you experience any pain. Perform walking for 5-10 minutes before exercises as this enhance the blood circulation around the body and prevent injury.


Extension syndrome is the most common type of back pain which usually causes discomfort when you are standing in an upright position. It occurs due to excess sitting posture for several hours and then standing up with knees hyperextended in a backward direction. Flexion syndrome is another major cause of back pain where you suffer from back pain due to excessive sitting while resting your back over the chair rest which causes the spine to flex in forwards direction. It causes tight hamstrings with a lengthening and weak back muscles. So it’s better to perform some stretches if you are excessively sitting or standing at your workplace.


Sleep smart with the right mattress and perfect bed shape as a good mattress with bed allows you to sleep well at night without waking up in the morning with soreness or stiffness. Sleep straight or on sides and do not sleep on the stomach as it stresses your neck and puts the neck in rotated and extended posture leading to more strain over the back joints.  


Don’t do complete bed rest for more than one or two days. It is because if you are resting and lying down for more than you might aggravate the symptoms of back pain. Try subsiding the symptoms of back pain with mild activities like walking or yoga for 10-15 minutes initially and then try increasing your time from 15 to 30 minutes.


Don’t do workouts which aggravate your back pain. Pressing into a posture which hurts a lot can further aggravate the disease and result in tissue damage. If you feel painful sensation during workouts then try stabilization moves such as planks where you need to perform 3 to 5 reps with 15-20 seconds hold in each position.


Don’t practice high-intensity moves or lift heavy objects as they can aggravate the back pain in such patients. Use correct posture to lift weights and avoid lifting weights which you cannot handle as they can result in back pain. High-impact physical activities like jumping, running, playing basketball or performing aerobic exercises can cause stress over the back joints and lead to back pain.


Don’t carry any weights over your shoulders or on the head as they stress your spine and lead to back pain. If you are suffering from back pain then don’t add weights overhead and shoulders as they can cause pressure over the spinal discs.


Don’t restrict yourselves to land exercises like walking, jogging, and going to the gym or others. You can adopt water-based exercises like swimming, water aerobics and different pool exercises which helps in relieving the back pain and improve your activity level.


Don’t ignore back pain if you are suffering from one as most of the back pain is self-limiting and they usually heal within days or weeks. However, if they do not disappear within days or week then consult the healthcare professional and take help for relieving the back pain. If you are following these do’s and don’ts and you still suffer from back pain then visit Bioflex Pakistan clinics that offer back pain treatment with laser therapy.

This Infrared light laser therapy is a low-intensity laser type that aids in relieving the back pain through a non-invasive and non-toxic procedure without any side effects. You can opt for back pain treatment in Islamabad, Peshawar, and Karachi by calling them on the toll-free number 0800-52737 and book the appointment ASAP with the best healthcare professionals in town who are ready to serve you with complete dedication.

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